What Is Hosting And Hosting Types

   What  Is  Hosting

Hosting is basically need for a website to be world wide. After you created your website now its time to host your website world wide so that everyone can see it.

Website hosting basic meaning is that you have taken a space from hosting providers on which you can upload your website and to make it world wide.

After uploading your website you need to change the name servers of your Domain Name by logging into your registrar account.

   Type  Of  Website  Hosting  Provided  By  The  Hosting  Companies

(1) Free Web hosting

(2) Shared Web hosting

(3) Virtual Private Server (VPS web hosting)

(4) Dedicated Web Hosting

(5) Managed Web Hosting

(1)  Free Web Hosting

This is good web hosting for the newbies and for the students who want to have some experience of how to host a website.

There are many hosting providers available who provides free website hosting. You need to signup for free website hosting and change the name server of your domain and start making the website using their Cpanel.

They are providing you free web hosting or you no need to purchase.


a) This is free of cost.

b) Useful for newbies


a) It is very slow speed web hosting and suddenly if your website got high traffic then its server will get down.

b) There is no any security of website on it so you cant use the payment method.

(2)  Shared Web Hosting

This is cheap web hosting. In this cheap website hosting providers provide you virtual server which is shared between many website so if anyone of these shared website suddenly gets the high traffic on it then your website speed get slow.

Shared web hosting is secure,you can use payment method on it.

This is the cheapest web hosting provided by the hosting providers. Cheap web hosting is better for new person who has little work on their website not too much.


a) It is secure so you can use the payment method

b) It cheap web hosting.


a) It is shared virtual server others traffic can affect your website.

b) It’s speed not so good.

(3)  Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual private server web hosting is good one. VPS hosting is good for the intermediates. VPS hosting provides you high speed so that your website can perform better in the search engine.

In VPS hosting you are provided full control on the virtual server. You are provided the space as want and bandwidth as you want.

In VPS hosting there is a one server on which several VPS are created and one of them virtual server given to you for your website.

In other words you are provided a Cpanel control on your website. You need to manage Cpanel and install the website builder on which you want to make a website like WordPress.


a) This is good speed web hosting.

b) It is secure web hosting.


a) A bit expensive than the shared web hosting.

(4)  Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is very good web hosting. In this type of hosting you are provided a server  you need to maintain this server weather its hardware or software. The speed of server is very fast you are provided a lot of space on it and you can host many website through it. This server can manage high traffic.

Also you need to manage its software fault.

All you need to just manage it from hardware side and from software side.


a) It is having great speed.

b) Good space is provided

c) Full control on server.


a) It is expensive.

b) We need to manage its hardware and software also.

(5)  Managed Web Hosting

Managed web hosting is very good web hosting it contains all you want in good hosting. You are provided a individual server with great speed and good space. This server can manage high traffic.

You no need to worry about its operating system and hardware fault it is managed by the hosting providers, Hosting providers have its own team to manage this server.


a) No need to worry its hardware and software 

b) Good speed and space.


a) Very expensive

   List  of  some  Hosting  Providers




This was all about the what is hosting and types of web hosting. 

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