IPv4 Vs IPv6 Technology

   What  Is  IP  Address

IP address is called the Internet Protocol Address. IP Address is used to identify and locate the computer in the network. This network can be our Local Area Network or on the internet. There are lot of servers are present on the internet that is why we need to allot them IP address. It is hard for the human being to remember the IP address that is why Domain Name came in existance but it easy for the network devices to remember it.

There are two version of IP Address IPv4 and IPv6.

   IPv4   Vs   IPv6

We are currently using the IPv4 mostly but there are also many servers available that is using the IPv6 protocol. The future is going to shift from IPv4 to IPv6. Because wide range of IPs available in the IPv6 address. IPv4 address is always numeric wheather IPv6 is alphanumeric.

IPv6 is not having the backword compatiblity means if a website is created on IPV4 can not be run on the IPv6 version. This is why all the IPv4 is not converted into the new IPv6 version.

IPv4 is not good for peer to peer connection weather IPv6 is more compatible than IPv4.

IPv4 is

– – – . – – – . – – – . – – – –



IPv4 is using very much on the internet.

IPv4 is providing 2^32 IP addresses or 429,496,7296 IP addresses.

IPv4 provides only numeric IP addresses Only.

IPv4 is having the 4 Octade.

IPv4 uses 32 bit addressing.


IPv6 is future. We are moving from IPv4 to IPv6 because IPv6 is providing wide range of IP Address.

IPv6 Provides 128 Bit Addressing

IPv6 provides AlphaNumeric IP Addresses

IPv6 provides 3.4 * 10^38 IP addresses or 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 IP Addresses.

IPv6 is more efficient rather than the IPv4.

IPv4 is

– – – – : – – – – : – – – – : – – – – : – – – – : – – – – : – – – – : – – – –

025A : 458V : DMF4 : MKD4 : 4F1B : 539Q : 1245 : 774S

So as you see IPv6 is Alpha Numeric System. We are getting the IPs alphanumeric.

This was all about what is IPv4 and IPv6.

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