Domain Name And URL Basic Relationship

domain name and url basics - uniform resource locator , urn and uri

If you are a Domain Name investor or regular visitor of GoForTricks then there is basic need to know about Domain Name and URL basics like what is URL and How domain name is related to URL.

Domain Name And URL  Introduction

The term URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. URL is also known as web address. A URL is that address whenever we open a website then we need to type the website’s address that is known as URL or Uniform Resource Locator like

A Domain Name is the part of the URL.

Domain Name And URL Explanation

domain name and url basic - protocol name and resource name

(1) Simple URL


http stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. Http indicates the browser what protocol it is and enable the browser to fetch the information. There are many other kinds of protocol which we can use

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer protocol)

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Some website have high security to access they use HTTPS these websites can be of banking sector and University sites etc. While SMTP is a protocol used for mailing service. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol used access the server file through which you can download and upload the files into the server.

Semi colon (:)

The semi colon or “:”  define the two separate division of a URL. The term before the semi colon is Protocol Identifier and after semi colon is  Resource Name.


“www” stands for World Wide Web and it is also known as the Third Level Domain. This is often not required to type when we are opening a web page. So without using “www” you can open the webpage like

gofortricks is known as the second level domain name and .com is known as the first level domain name. .com is called the Top Level Domain Name. .com is most popular in domain name industry. .com is used for commercial. there are more Top Level Domain which we can use are






.org is used for non profit organizations , .Net for network resouces .biz for business , .Gov for goverment organizations  and .Edu for educational purpose etc. listed below,


commercial institution




not-for-profit organization


government institution


commercial institution


educational institution


names of individuals


lawyers and doctors etc.




international institution


unrestricted use




job sites




xyz denotes the directory name while lies in the server and from which we need to fetch the information.


“stbhd.htm” represents the webpage in which “stbhd” denotes the name of webpage while .htm denotes the extension of the file name “stbhd”. .htm is the extension used for the HTML files. There are many other extension also available .php, .asp, .xml and .cgi.

(2) Complex URL

as you can see in above example there is ? in the middle of URL. This ? divide the URL from the parameter. P is the variable name and “example%20search” is the value that is being loaded into the variable P in which “%20” denotes the space. “&” separate the two variable because “example” is the second variable there. CGi-bin is the director name mentioned in URL.

Domain  Name  Properties

(1) There is no any space allowed in domain name

(2) You can use dashes in your domain name while no any special character is allowed.

(3) Domain name can be 63 character long.

(4) Domain name is not a case sensitive because and gets you same destination.

(5) You can use Numeric Domain Names and Alphanumeric domain names too.

There is one more facility available in the domain name industry that after registering a domain name you can use sub domains like can be used for mailing services for and also a can be used for blog of and so on. In this mail , blog and stuff are the known as the sub domain of the

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