What Are TLDs gTLDs ccTLD SLD And IDNs

When we come into domain name industry then often we listen the terms TLDs, gTLDs, ccTLDs, SLDs and IDNs. These are basic terms we use in the domain name industry. A domain name length can 253 ASCII.

Terms  Stand  For

TLDs  Top Level Domains

SLDs  Second Level Domains

gTLDs  Generic Top Level Domains

ccTLDs  Country Code Top Level Domains

IDNs  Internationalized Domain Names

TLDs   Top  Level  Domains

TLD is called the Top Level Domain. Whenever we write a URL (Uniform Resorse Locater) then write the domain name also in it have examples,




In above examples of URLs the last term is known as TLDs i.e. .com

In 1980 the Domain Name system was devised and TLDs were divided into

(1) gTLDs

(2) ccTLDs

(1) gTLDs

gTLDs are called the Generic Domain Names. These generic domain names are specified as

.COM               .EDU                   .INT

.NET                .GOV

.ORG                .MIL

Example of some New gTLDs

new generic top level domains, new gtlds

(2) ccTLDs

ccTLDs are know as Country Code Top Level Domains

In 1985 there were 3 ccTLDs




Then after in 1986  eight new ccTLDs were launched

.au                                 .fr                               .nl

.de                                 .jp                               .se

.fi                                  .kr

SLD  Second  Level  Domains

These are second level domains which comes after the Top Level Domains have some example




As we can see above the letter which are bold is called the domain names which we normally register from registrar.

Third   Level  Domains  Or  Sub  Domains




As you can see in above URLs the letter in the Bold are know as the Third Level Domains. These third level domains are also known as the Sub domains.

Sub domains specify the different section of the website.

if something is there before the Third Level Doamins is known as Fourth level domains and so on. like


The word “my” is known as the Fourth Level Domain.

IDNs   Internationalized  Domain  Names

Intitially the domain name were in ASCII. But later on the ICANN ( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) decided to launch the IDNs.

Then meaning of IDNs is to launch the domain name in other languages like Hindi,Korean and Chinese like,IDNs- internationalized domain namesNow a days there is very hard to get the generic .com domain name and if it is available then it is very expensive so IDNs made this thing easy. Some of new gTLDs also have IDNs.

This was all about the TLDs gTLDs SLDs And IDNs.

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    Thanks ujjwal swami for giving us s this kind of nice information we appreciate your depth knowledge on the TLDs.

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