How To Buy A Domain Name Or Domain Name Registration Process

It is the very simple way to buy a domain name from a registrar.

Before buying a domain name from any registrar we need to check its Trademark weather it is already or not. We can check the Trademark on the Following two sites easily,



These are the two sites where we can check the trademark of our domain which we are going to buy.

If it already showing the Trademark there in the above sites then dont purchase your domain name. Because the trademark owner can file UDRP and it can become the case of Trademark Infringement.

So be aware of that not to purchase a domain  name which is miss spell the trademark or similarly to Trademark. If it is not a trademark then you can follow the steps to buy a domain name.

   Domain Name Registrar



We are going to discuss here how to purchase a Domain Name from Godaddy.

   Steps  To  Purchase  A  Domain  Name  From  Godaddy  Registrar

1) Signup for Your godaddy account by filling some personal information of you like Name,Address and Contact Number.

2) Login to your Godaddy account.

3) Go to the “Domains” which is second tab in the upper bar.

4) Now go to the “Find A Domain”.

5) A search bar will open then type the domain name you want to purchase.

6) Press search, then it will show weather it is available or not.

7) If your domain name is available then press “Continue To Cart”.

8) Then it will show for how long you want to have the domain domain name.

9) Select the time period for which you want this domain name and the price will show in the right.

10) You can apply the Coupon Codes by searching on the google ,for the godaddy coupons.

11) Apply these coupons and get the discount.

12) Make your payment simply.

13) After payment you would redirect to the “Thank You” page.

14) Now go to your registered email id and activate your domain name.

Thus you have purchased the domain name and activated it also.

   Available  Domain  Name  Can  Be  Shown  In  Following  Two  Other  Methods

 (1) Auctions :-

It can be show your domain name before purchasing that it is available in the auctions.You can purchase it from the auctions by bidding process. In this method Registrar have the certain amount of money and gives the rest money to the domain owner. So in this process registrar is acting as a inter mediator which is helpful for us to purchase the specific domain name.

(2) Premium List:-

The domain name you are going to purchase may be available in the premium listing. So these are the premium name which have already purchased by other and they ready to sell these names. So you just simply make your payment then you will directly get your domain name on the price which have mentioned for the premium domain name.

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