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 Now a days many people are making their own site . After sometime of making of sites newbies gets the problem.

Suddenly their traffic is high but this high traffic is not showing in Google analytics it is only showing only in their Cpanel log.

So now the question is how this unwanted traffic is coming?

The answer is this is bad backlink traffic or we can say a traffic by spam. So this bad kind of traffic makes your website lengthy and full of spam links like in comment box and registration of subscribers.This can impact your sites Google ranking.

Thus these bad backlinks provides the spam registration. By continue registration of spam registration your server hard disk is filling which can effect your site’s speed. So if you are getting irritated by receiving the spam registration emails again and again daily in every 5 minutes then you should go for it,

There is  plugin to avoid this problem in your WordPress site. 

This is best plugin for website protection from the spamming of registration and many more tools are present in it to protect our website.This plugin is also familiar to WordPress site. 

   This  plugin  is  called    WangGuard 


You just need to download it from WangGuard and install it in your WordPress site.After installing this plugin it will ask you for the API key. To get the API key you need to register a account on the WangGuard Site. So after verification of your email address WangGuard will provide you API key which you need to enter into the your installed plugin.

Thus you are now verified.

Now you can add Numeric Question Answers in the registration page of your website. You need to manually put these Question and Answers in it by going into the WangGuard’s security tab. Try to add at least 10 numeric questions in it so that security of your website would be more strong.


 So by doing thing spam will try to register but he would not able to register because he is not able to fill the numeric answers of which we put in the WangGuard plugin.If many times a spam will try to register your site then he would be blacklisted by the WangGuard.

You can also block the traffic which is harmful to your website, which you are receiving from a particular domain.This is good feature there is the list of the domains to select which one you want to block for your website. 


  Thus by using this plugin you will get free from spam registration and normal user can register your site easily. 

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