Top Domain Name Appraisal Tools For Domain Industry

top domain name appraisal tools

If you are a domain name investor or regular visitor of GoForTricks then you should be aware of Top domain name appraisal Tools of domain industry.

Now a days it has become a essential to appraise your domain name before selling or before buying a domain name. For newbies it is very hard to get the estimated value of domain names. Because sometimes we receive the emails from unknown person giving you price more than its estimated value. These are the scams which generally happens in domain name industry so be aware of these scams specially for newbies.

So before buying and selling a domain name we should check the domain name appraisal value to get the near by idea in your mind. These domain name appraisal tools makes easy domaining industry.

Top  Domain  Name  Appraisal  Tools



Domain Index



Domain Appraisal


Domain name appraisal tools estibot

Estibot is very good tool to measure the estimated value of a domain name. Estibot is widely using in the domain name industry and it daily appraise the domain name arrount 1.3 million. This is premium tool gives daily limited free chance to appraise a domain name. Estibot provides the appraisal certificate also by paying a small amount of fee. Estibot algorithm mainly based on three basics

Keyword research

Domain Name Previous Sale Value

Cost Per Click

there are many more factors which use the estibot in his algorithm but we divided into these three parts for better understanding the logic behind appraisal.

Estibot break the domain name into keywords and then give a category to your domain name which shows us in results.

Estibot provides

Appraisal Value

Domain Keywords

Domain Category

Domain Language

Traffic Rank

Cost Per Click

and more.


Domain name Appraisal Toold valuate

This one is also known as one of the best tool in domain name industry. This best thing about this domain name appraisal tool is that shows result in the index by reading this index you will get every information about your domain name.

Valuate shows

Appraisal Value

Search Frequency Of Domain Name



Cost Per Click

Selling Option

These all options valuate shows you in a table manner and also you can sell your domain name by clicking on “Sell” which will redirect you to Cax.

   Domain Index

Domain Name appraisal tool domain index

You can appraise more domain name simultaneously. Domain index show some additional feature in it. Domain index shows appraisal value of your domain name , Who is records and Back links of your domain name. Many domainers and webmaster use this tool widely.


domain name appraisal tools sedo

Sedo is world’s largest domain brokerage service in terms of buying and selling domain names. So this is one of the famous name in domain name industry. Sedo also provide facility to appraise your domain name. But we need to register on SEDO Before we appraise our domain name.

After registration when we add the domain name in our portfolio then sedo automatically appraise our domain name. So that we can get an idea for how much we should sell our domain name.


domain name appraisal tools godaddy

Godaddy is world’s largest domain name registrar. It is known for its cheap domain names because it provides us domain name in very competitive prices. So people mostly like to purchase the domain name from the godaddy.

Godaddy also provides the facility to apprise the domain name for this we need to register it then we can appraise the domain name.

   Domain  Appraisal

domain name appraisal tool domain appraisal

Domain Appraisal  is premium tool used for appraise domain name. There are three package which provide this tool

Basic Appraisal

Premium Appraisal

Enterprise Appraisal

Domain Appraisal provides appraised value of your domain name, Comparable sales information and Comprehensive comparable sales analysis.

This was all about the top tools used in the domain name industry to appraise the domain name.

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