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Guest Post is the most common term we find on the internet while surfing. Write for us and guest post are the same thing when you come into internet industry.

There are lot of websites where we see the guest post or write for us. Some website accepts the write for us or guest post and others are not. Write for us or guest post is good way to make money online this is also known as guest posting.                                                                                                                 

You can write the article for others and get paid for that this is called the paid writing.


The website which are accepting the guest post or write for us facility is giving the opportunity to following two persons

(1) Content Writers

(2) Bloggers

Guest Post or write for us

(1) Content Writers

A good content writer always want to publish his content for which he want to make money. Content writer have the good skills to catch their audience by their writing skills and good keyword optimization.

A professional article have the good quality of people catching power as well as good keyword optimization. There are lot of website available in the market which provides the professional articles.

Thus Guest post or Write For Us is the good facility for the content writers to make money online which is provided by these websites.

(2) Bloggers

Guest posting also helps for the newbies in the internet industry who have their own website but that is not so much famous on the internet.

To get famous your website on the internet you need to have good domain authority or high quality back links. You need to write article for high authority websites. 

So when a blogger or newbie submit his article on these guest post accepting websites which is high authoriy base, then below the article he have the facility of author bio.

In this author bio blogger write about him or her and also leaves a do follow link of his website or blog there. So when a visitor come to read the article on high authority websites then he also read the author bio and click the do follow link and he gets redirected to blogger page.

Thus blogger gets the traffic from high authority websites as well as domain authority. 


If you want to make money using your content writing skills then this the good place to make money online. This is called the paid writing.

You need to write your articles for the website which are providing paid writing facility. There are lot of websites available on the internet which are providing paid writing facility.

Name of Some Paid writing websites are







Demand Media Studios






This was all about the What is Guest Post or Write For Us Facility.

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