Who Owns Domain

who owns domain

What Is Domain Name

Domain Name is basically known as the web address of the perticular website on the internet. Internet understand the IP address only so it is difficult for the human being to remember so much IP Address for the different kind of sites.

That is why the term came Domain Name. Domain Names can be purchase from the Domain Name registrar online.

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Who Owns Domain

Sometimes we want to purchase a domain name but when we are going to register it then it shows that this domain name is already registered.

Now we want to know who owns domain name or who owns this domain.

There are many website available on the internet where you can get the information about who owns this domain name.

These websites are,



There are many more websites also available in the market to know who owns domain name.


When you open this site then in the right corner there is search bar you need to enter the full domain name of which you want to know who owns this domain name and press then click the whois.

You will get the following information,

Registrar Name

Name Servers

Domain Registration Date

Domain Expiration Date

Registrant Name

Registrant Location

Registrant Phone Number

Registrant Email Address


 So if you want to purchase this particular domain name then you need to mail the owner of the domain name or you can directly call the owner of the domain name.


DomainIQ is also the very good tool. When you open this then type the full domain name of which you want to know who owns this domain.

click the search and you will get the following information on your screen

Who owns domain name

Registrar Name

Registrant Name

Current Status of domain

Screen shot of website

Alexa Rank

Appraisal Value


This is the very important domain tool used to get the information of particular domain and the information about who owns domain name.

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