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Cloud computing is the mixture of cluster computing and grid computing.

In cluster computing the different kind of companies have the bunch of servers in it at one place while in grid computing these bunch of servers are connect to different part of world is known as grid computing.

Now if you want to have the cloud computing services then there are basically three types of cloud computing services,

1) IAAS  (Infrastructure As A Service)

2) PAAS  (Platform As A Service)

3) SAAS (Software As A Service)



   IAAS  –  Infrastructure  As  A  Service

In this kind of cloud computing service they provide only the hardware on which we need to install the operating system as we want and then we need to install our softwares on it.

Big companies requires the Infrastructure as a service they want to install their operating system on it like Linux,Windows etc. for that they also requires IT Department for it.

This kind of cloud computing service providers are,

a) Amazon

b) Rackspace Cloud

c) IBM

d) HP

   PAAS  –  Platform  As  A  Service

In this kind of cloud computing service they provide you Infrastructure and Operating System too. So we need to install our software on it only.

The operating system may be Windows and Linux also as per your retirement. This is useful for the mid range companies.

This kind of cloud computing service providers are,

a) Google App Engine

b) Windows Azure


Google app engine provides the Linux base operating system while windows azure provides the windows based operating system.

   SAAS  –  Software  As  A  Service

In this type of cloud computing service we already have the infrastructure , operating system and also the software. All we need to purchase the software then use the software. There is no any requirement of technical things.

This kind of cloud computing service providers are,

a) Sales Force

b) Microsoft CRM

sales force have its own software exchange just like google play for the android apps. We just need to see the appropriate software for our work and use it.

This was all about the cloud computing services.

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