Domain Name Selling Tricks

Many people are investing in the domain industry even this is booming sector or we can say domain name is future. Many newbies are there they purchase lot of domain names within one or two month and then after they dont know what to do with them. So for every domain name investor there is need of domain name selling tricks.

   Things  For  Newbies  To  Keep  In  Mind

Dont buy domains which you like ,buy the domain that people like.

Buy the domains that are having good age more than 4 years old.

Buy the Domain that can build business.

   Domain  Name  Selling  Tricks

(1) Domain Development

Dont just buy the domain and park it until you get buyer for it. The thing which we need to keep in mind is that we need to develop the domain ,we need to make Domain Authority. We need to make its high page rank so that when we type the domain name then it will show in the google’s first page.

Domain name selling gets increased if we are developing our domain. To develop the domain means it gets indexd in the good search engine like 






Domain parking is good for that domains which are pre developed means SEO have already done on that domains and having the good authority of domains with high number of backlinks.

So develop your domains to boost your selling and try to get high quality backlinks for them so that you can get the good ranking in the search engines.

If once you got the good ranking in the search engines then buyer will automatically offer you for the domain. Because buyer thinks that he this is pre developed domain having good domain authority he dont need to do more efforts to make its ranking and this domain name can give him more profit for his business.

(2) Marketplace Listing

After buying a domain name you need to list your domain name to major marketplace where you can show the people about your domain’s availability. Afternic is a marketplace where you can list your domain names there is also a premium listing which is free to join in which it increases the visibility of your domain names three times more.

There are some marketplace available for domain name listing





Flippa is the marketplace where you can sell your technical domains easily. There are many more marketplace available where you can list you domain names.

Keep in mind one thing that after selling your domain names it is your responsibility to remove the listing of sold domain name from all of these marketplace.

(3) Auction Account

This is most important factor which we should keep in mind that buy a auction account from marketplace. List all of your domains into to auction account it will cost you very less and give you more chances to sell your domains quickly because many domain name investors comes daily to auctions and see the bidding of the domain names if once anyone bid on your domain then it will show up in the auctions listing.

You can buy the auction account from godaddy and snap names too. list all of your domain in the auctions and increase the probability to sell you domain names more quickly.


Snap Names

(4) Monetization

Once you have developed your domain or you have made the website of your domain then it is automatically monetizing in the market. Also you can monetize your domain by sharing the banners of your domain name into to social marketing sites.

Use affiliate marketing links to your site and it will give you more earning.




This was all about the domain name selling tricks. Go For Tricks

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