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Domain security is most important thing for Domain Name industry. If you are a domain name investor or Entrepreneur then becomes very hard for us to manage large number of domain names in our domain name portfolio.

Instead of managing a domain name portfolio it becomes much hard for us to do domain security. As we are seeing many scams are happening in domain name industry like if you bought a domain name yesterday and today you got the offer to purchase your domain name at more than expected and domain name renewal emails from unknown person.  These kinds of unknown person email can get you in trouble. To be aware of that we need to already secure our domain name to run our business in more secure way.

Ways  To  Secure  Our  Domain  Names

Domain Name Privacy

Domain Name Hijacking

Domain Name Expiration

Registrant Information Update

Unknown Emails

   Domain  Name  Privacy

Domain Name Privacy is a good feature provided by the domain name registrars for domain security. At the time of registration process of domain name , domain name registrar ask you to hide registrant  information from Whois. It makes less chances to hijack your domain name because it hide the data from Whois site and wrong person cant get the details about the domain name like.

Who purchased it

Owner Phone Number

Owner Location

Owner Email address

it cost us small amount but gives us more security to our business. So if you are going to do a business on your domain name then domain privacy is the first thing which a businessman should have for his domain security.

Some Domain Name Registrar

Name Cheap

1 & 1


   Domain  Name  Hijacking

This is main problem which domain owners suffers. We gets sometimes unknown emails and letters at our house from unknown persons these are the ways of domain name hijacking be aware of that.

To avoid these kind of problems follow the rules

Do not every choose common password to login your domain name registrar account always choose strong password alphanumeric, with at least one capital letter and with one special character. This will remove the probability of in-securing of your domain name.

Do not ever unlock your domain name by logging in your domain name registrar account unless you want to transfer your domain name or you want to change the registrant information for your domain name.

   Domain  Name  Expiration

Sometimes we gets too much busy in our business that we forget to renew our domain name. You need to remember the date of renewal of your domain name otherwise remember a pre month for renewal of your domain name. It will make good chances to domain security.

There are some registrar which remind you to renew your domain name before expiration time so that we can easily renew it at time. One more thing which you can also do is that you can put your domain names which you do not want to lost ever to auto renewal process. So at the time of renewal of your premium domain names these will renew automatically and value will we deducted from your credit card information which you have already saved in your account.

But if you are having large portfolio then make a excel sheet of expiration date of all of your domain names it will make easy to grow your business in more secure way.

   Registrant  Information  Update

This is the most important thing that keep registrant information up to date. Check your emails daily to avoid this problem because sometimes if we do not login to our emails for a long time then there may be chances of deactivation of your email account. After deactivation of your email account you can not manage your domain name it makes hard for us you get out of this problem.

So update your information time to time so that it will be easy for you to manage.

   Unknown  Emails

If you receive the email from unknown person by sending you link of his site and offer you to purchase your domain name then do not ever believe such kind of emails.

So never open these kind of links from unknown person it may be wrong kind of emails also do not open any links from the emails.

Never reply such kind of emails. Always be safe in these type of cases and consult with authoritative person about such kind of problems.

Point  To  Be  Noted

Use domain name privacy

Put in auto renew the domains which you do not want to lost ever

Never reply unknown emails

Keep registrant information up to date

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