What Is Domain Parking And Domain Parking Working

 If you are having a  lot of domain names for sell and dont know what to do with them until its not selling, there is a trick through which you can earn money easily.

Trick is Domain Parking. 



Domain parking is the way to earn money online.If you are having lot of domains free then you can park your domain with many parking companies.

So whenever a visitor come to your site then he or she click the ads then you gets the money for clicking. Then you get paid according the policy of different market palaces.  









You just need to list your domains in the parking companies and they will provide the option for parking then you need to shift your domain name servers according to the parking companies.

It takes time to shit the NameServers and then ads are automatically put on your parked page by these companies. 


This is the major thing in this process we cant ignore it.

The domain name your selecting for parking should get good Organic Traffic.

So first thing keep in mind that your domain name should have good organic traffic.So maximum number of visitor come to your parked pages and then click on it so that you can earn money easily. 


The whole phenomenon is on the how to increase parking revenue?

There are two ways to increase parking revenue ,

Layout Changing

Keywords Changing 


These companies list your domain name that means on your parking page it shows that this domain is for sell and contact us.So you can sell your domain names too.

So listing and parking these are the two benefits of a free domain name. Go For Tricks

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    Ujjwal Swami is founder of Go For Tricks and a Entrepreneur. He is Domain Name Investor and working for Domain Name Industry. His motive is to educate the people about domain name industry which is growing and to motivate domain name investors to build their business online.

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