What Is Voip And Voip Working

   What  is  Voip

Voip stands for the Voice Over Internet Protocol.

As its name explains itself that  in Voip technology we are using our voice over the internet protocol. This is the basic meaning of the Voip.

In this voip technology we communicate using the internet ,server,clients and Gateways to each other. This whole system works on the internet.

what is voip technology

   The  Voip  Technology  Is  Divided  Into  The  Following  Points

(1) Voip Server

In the traditional phone line we use the PBX instead of that PBX in this voip call system we use the Voip server. This Voip server is situated in our office and it is connected to the one common switch. Through this switch many devices available in the office like mobile,computer and telephone are connected. This switch is connected to the router and the router is connected to the internet service provider.

In this voip call system we are using the Voip server which is more smart then the traditional PBX. A external phone line can also connected to this voip server.

Now when anyone in the network want to make a call in the local network then the first request goes into the voip server then he transfer the call to appropriate person. If a person want to make the call outside our Voip server then request first takes the Voip server then he transfer the request to the external telephone line connected to this server also calls from the external line can be receive by the voip server and then he transfer it to the appropriate person.

This is how Voip server work.

(2)  Voip Client

There are two types of the clients one is software clients and one is hardware client.

Software clients basically means these clients have its own operating system in it and then a software installed on this different kind of operating systems. This software or we can say a application is installed these application enables the user to make voip call.

Hardware clients are the traditional telephones through which we directly dial the phone number to whom we want to call.

In Voip technology we use the voip server that is why we call the other devices clients like telephone ,computer and mobile phones.

(3)  Gateways Use

Gateways are connected to the PSTN or Public Switch Telephone Network.

Gateways are basically used to connect our voip server to the Public Switch Telephone Network which makes the user enable to communicate with the users on the telephone lines.

The basic fundamental to use the gateways are also to reduce the cost of the company because let us assume a there is big company named as X and this company has its branches over the world. This company X is situated at a place only and its branches are all over the world near about the 50 we assume.

Now if this company wants to make a call using the gateways from the place where the company X is situted to its branch which is in the other country then this company X will charge for a international call. To avoid this international charge of phone call this company also installs the server at the branch offices also and then whenere he needs to make a call to the diffenet country then he fisrt ping the local branch server near by the user to who we want to communicate then this branch server send the instruction to the gateways this gateways makes us unable the local call from our branch office.

So this would cost to the company only local call instead of the international call. This is why the gateways are important.

Gateways are the one who connects the SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) and the normal telephone line. Also SIP mean session initiated protocol plays a very important role in the voip call.

(4)  SIP Protocol

SIP is session initiated protocol which is very important for us to understand the voip call.

This is the session initiated protocol which resides over the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Internet Protocol). This voip technology works on the session initiated protocol or SIP.

There are many SIP phone are available in the market which works as a client for the voip server. CISCO provides the SIP phones. There is also one thing which we should keep in mind that there are some companies which accepts the SIP phone are of the same companies as the voip server is.

That is why this SIP is very useful for us to understand the voip call.

(5)  Codec Use

Codecs are basically used to deliver the voice at good quality witch low bandwidth. Suppose normal voip is taking the bandwidth of the 10 kbps but using the codecs the quality of voice would be the same bandwidth of the voice would reduce to near about the 5 kbps.

This is why the Codecs are helpful for the business because it reduces the bandwidth which reduces the cost of the business companies.

(6)  Unified Comm

It is called the unified communication. Its basic means is just to provide the facility to convert the voice mail into the text mail and to convert the txt mail to voice mails.

(7) Latency

We need to also manage the latency of our network so that it will not effect on our business. Latency basic mean is that delay in the sound to reach the other person this is called the network latency.

For normal phone system the network latency is 45 ms and for the voip it is in between the 75 ms to 100 ms.

The latency about the 100 ms is denoted bad quality of voip.

(8) Quality Of Service

We need to manage the quality of the service so that it will make the profit in our business.

We need to set the priory to the voip in the switches and the routers so that if anyone download from the desktop any file from the internet then it will make slow the speed of the downloading file by maintaining the quality of the voip.

This was all about the Voip communication.

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