Image Hosting And Image Hosting Working

   What  Is  Image  Hosting

To host a photo is called the image hosting or photo hosting. Sometimes we need our photos to be uploaded on a server and we need to have its URL so that from anywhere we just type that URL in the browser and we can see the photo this is known as photo hosting.

In this process of image hosting we need to have a space online this space is called the hosting. We basically need the image hosting for to sell something online using third party.

There re many ways for image hosting some are free and some are premium.

   Image  Hosting  Types

(1) Free Image Hosting

(2) Premium image hosting

(1) Free Image Hosting

This is very good for the small businesses. There are many sites available on the internet about photo hosting they provides you photo hosting free of cost.

All you need to do is that you need to sign up for the account and upload your images in your account and get the URL for your photos. These sites will give provide URL for free image hosting.

You copy this URL and paste the URL to where you want to show the photo of your item which you want to sell.

following sites provides the free image hosting,



(2) Premium Image Hosting

In this type of the image hosting you need to purchase a Domain Name and then purchase hosting. Then upload your item images on the hosting server.

Benefits of this type of hosting is that you are not dependent on anyone. You have your own server for image hosting.

You can upload unlimited images to your hosting server that is according to your hosting plan.

You can create your  own website or your personal profile to sell the items.

You will have your business Email address in premium hosting

It will be cheap than paying to the website on which you are selling your items.

This will help you to build your brand value.

   Premium  Image  Hosting  Providers




These are the hosting provider which provides the hosting they will provide your Cpanel for that and you need to just upload the your item photos on their hosting server and then you will get the URL of the that image then you just need to put the URL of the Item image into to the site where you are selling your products.

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