What Is Cloud Computing And Cloud Computing Working

   Introduction  Of  Cloud  Computing

What is cloud computing some people mis spelt it as clud computing while it is cloud computing. Lets have a brief look on it,

Cloud computing systems basic concept is that how to make user’s data more secure. That is why this technology was developed.

It means to make the data hardware independent somehow if our server’s hardware or software gets the problem then how we can switch the data on another server. By using cloud computing technology this has become more easy.

In cloud computing systems we have many servers installed different operating systems on it now above these operating system we install our individual operating system which is compatible to run on these different kind of servers. Now whenever our one server gets the problem of power falier then we have already connected many servers to it then we just copy and paste our individual operating system on the new server. This is how cloud computing technology works.

Normally we run softwares in our computer system so what if all of these softwares we run in cloud computing server because anyhow if your computer get crash then you would be able to continue your from another computer. In this case cloud computing technology is also helpful.

   Cloud  Computing  System  Is  Divided  Into  The  Following  Parts

(1)  Online Applications

Online application are also know as the web applications these web applications are installed in the cloud computing server side only. If these applications are installed in the server side then these applications are independent from the client’s hardware. If some reason client has the problem then he can use the different client hardware and can continue his work.

This is basic phenomenon of web applications. These web applications are generally created in web programming languages like PHP and JAVA.

(2)  Cluster Computing

Clusters are basically used for the database server like My SQL. Cluster perform the clustring function in this function clusters manage the load of the server . Some how our one server get power supply fails then cluster will decide to send the traffic where.

Obviously if one server get failed then it sends the traffic to other server which already has the copy of same data. Also it is important to manage the traffic by not sending the traffic to one server which is already having a traffic load so it sends the traffic to other server. 

Basic rule of cluster is to manage the traffic to get the information.

(3)  Terminal Service Server (TSS)

In early 60 to 70s we were using the the technology of Mainframe Computer in which there was the one mainframe computer and dumb clients were connected to it. All of the functioning were happening in the mainframe computer but the dumb clicent were working as the medium to connect it. Mainframe computer were designed to give the little bit of time to each dumb client for the process like 50ms.

But now we are using the Terminal Service Server technology in this technology TSS is working as the mainframe and we have here Thin clients instead of the dumb clients. These thin clients can be the hardware or the any kind of the software which is installed in our home computer. This short application allows us to login the TSS by our home computer. 

All the processing are doing in the Terminal service server we just logged in by using thin clients. When you will login then will see a new desktop in it installed applications in it. One thing which we need to keep in mind that thin clients are configured easy enough to process the Terminal service server only.

(4)  Application Server

Application server is like a installed application in the Terminal Service Server can be example as Camtasia. Camtasia is installed in the terminal service server now number of clients which will connect to this terminal service server will directly access the camtasia software only they will not see windows desktop screen. So that client can directly access the software only.

(5)  Virtulalization

Basically it means that just to secure the data from the power falier of the server we need to cloud backup. This process is done in two ways,

a) Client Software:- This software is installed in the server with this client software we can install many operating systems like linux,mac and windows these are called instances. Now to switch cloud backup we need to backup these instanse and restore in the other machine which already have installed the client software.

b) Hypervisor:- This is best way to cloud backup. We just need to install EXSI in the every server and then from management software that is V sphere we login into the any server as administrator and then we configure it by installing the windows server operating system. Now we installed the one operating system in one server via the Vsphere now this Vsphere will control these three server when any power falier occure in one server then this Vsphere software would get the information from the other server automatically.

(6)  Hosted Instance

In this process we creates the instances and cloud computing companies are going to have our instances and they cloud these instance in their cloud computing system.

Amazon provides the hosted instances facility for the users it makes the speed fast of your site in each and every location of the world that is because they use the edge servers on different locations.

So when the amazon server gets the request to access the specific information then he first see the request coming from then he transfer the information into the nearest edge server of the user.

This is how amazon server works.

(7)  Hosted Solution

Hosted solutions are the applications that we install in our home pc so instead of these applications we install in our home pc software owner install the application in one hosting server and anyone who want to access this application he access it by going online and paying them subscription fee per month basis. It remove the time to install the applications in your pc.

(8) Public And Private Cloud

Public clouds are the instances that available on the internet just like the Hotmail and Yahoo. Everyone can access it but the private cloud means that you are having your personal server you are controlling it on your own basis which anybody cant access, you are managing it for your private data this is called the private cloud.

This was the all about the what cloud computing is and how it works. This is easy to access method more reliable to users. cloud computing is growing very fastly. Go For Tricks

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