How To List A Domain Name In Godaddy Auctions

As we all know that Godaddy is biggest registrar.It has lots of domains.The main thing the people buy a domain name from the godaddy is that it provides the domain name at cheapest price rates.

   There Are Two Ways To Sell Your Domain Name At Godaddy

Premium Listing


   Know More About  Premium Listing


Godaddy provices the good option to sell your domain name at higher price rates that is Godaddy Auctions.

In this process we can sell our domain name at higher price rate because in this method the bidding process takes place.

We need to pay a small amount yearly to the Godaddy for the auction account.Then we put our domains in the Godaddy auctions.Now in this bidding process there is chances to increase the price value of our domain.It gives us more profit.

If you want to Put a domain name for godaddy auctions then following process we need to follow, 

First we need to purchase auction account,

1) Login to your godaddy account.

2) Go to the “Domains” which is the second tab in the upper row and click on the Auctions.

3) Now click on the “Join Now”. For 1 year it charges 319 INR.

Godaddy Auctions

4) Add to your cart and make the payment.  

Now we need to List our Domain,

1) Now again go to the “Auctions” and login into the your auction account.

2) Go to the second tab “Selling List” and click “List A Domain”

Godaddy Auction

3) Now type your domain name and confirm your domain name.

4) There are many options to list a domain name.

5) You can put your domain name in auctions for 3 month or for 7 days.

6) Select whatever you want and then select one category for your domain name.

7) One category for your domain name is free and now select starting bid amount for your domain name.

8) Dont forget the description of your domain name tell them about the specially of your domain name. 

Godaddy auction

9) There are some premium listing options also available pay if you want them.

10) Now agree terms and conditions and click finish.

Now you completed the process of listing in the godaddy auctions.Now they are reviewing your domain name and it will start showing in the auctions after they review it within 48 hours.

  It Would Be Beneficial For Us To Put The Domain Name For 7 Days In Auctions And Then Again    Relist It Because It Will Show Up in the category list   


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