Domain Authority And Increase Your Domain Authority

   What  is  Domain  Authority ?

Domain Authority basically known as the strength of a domain. Strength means here is that how powerful is domain or how trustful is your domain. There are near about the 40 factors which considered to give a domain authority so a website having high domain authority is more powerful.

Domain authority is measured between the 0 to 100. It is easy to get the domain authority in the start for newbie till the 30 but after the 30 it gets difficult to get more.

   Domain  Authority  Can  Be  More  Explain  By

1) Domain Authority Between 0-30 :-  Not popular Website 

2) Domain Authority Between 31-70 : Average Website

3) Domain Authority Between 71-100: Most Popular Website

In our website there is page authority for pages of our website so different pages have the different page authority. To measuring the domain authority they also consider the page authority the page authority for the website home page is always more then the any other page in the website.

Website having the high domain authority is more considered for the google so whenever a search is happened on the google then google have thousands of website having the same content then google check many factors in it and gives the priority to high domain authority sites.

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   Domain  Authority  Basically  Depends  On  The  Following  Factors

(1) Domain Status

This depends on the domain status because if your domain name is having the good age then it is helpful for the ranking of your website. Good domain age have the good authority and your domain should also not considered as a spam in the past.

(2) Back links

Backlinks also help to take the good domain authority condition is that your backlinks should be natural they should be relevant also. Try to make the backlinks of high authority site they will also pass some juice to you. It help us to have a good domain authority.

Do follow backlinks help us to have good domain authority rather than the no follow backlinks . Maximum number of do follow backlinks with good authority sites are helpful with less number no follow backlinks.

(3) Hosting Server Speed

Domain Authority also depends on the server, the speed of your  hosting server should be good so it would be easy to crawl and as well as there should not be down time so it will help to improve the domain authority.

(4) Page Rank

Page rank is the most important factor to increase the domain authority. Page rank is considered in between the 0 to 10. Greater the page rank better the domain authority.

(5) Visitors

To increase the domain authority returning visitors should be many more if it is so then you are going right. Try to increase the returning visitor by email marketing and with the social media networks. Domain authority depends on the time of visitor stayed on your site and number page he seen in your website.

(6) Content

Increase the domain authority by quality of content as we all know that content is king. Content can give you everything you want so post regularly and provide the unique and original content with good quality. Give the picture stay to visitors in your content. This is the good way to improve the domain authority.

(7) Crawling

Login your Google Webmasters Tool daily and check the crawl errors in your site if they are present then resolve it quickly. Good crawling can help you in increasing the domain authority.

If any crawl error persist in the webmaster tool then check it is in the desktop or the for the smartphone then open the page if it is 404 error then remove it otherwise fetch as google. Do not redirect to your home page if it is not relevant to your niche.

(8) Malware Detection

Malware delectation is done by the webmaster tool he check it weather it is available in your server or not. If it is available then remove it immediately because it can decrease your domain authority.

To improve your domain authority login daily to your webmaster tool and resolve all the problems in it.

This was all about the domain authority that what is domain authority,how to check the domain authority and how to increase domain authority.Go For Tricks

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