Backup and Restore Website Through Cpanel

 It is necessary for us to backup our website daily if you are having a business on it otherwise you can backup weekly. Thatsy we need a simple method to use daily backup of our website and this is through Cpanel.

There are several methods to backup your full website for that click here but today we are going to discuss here about the Cpanel method.This is easy to use and you can backup your full website from the server so if you got any trouble then you can restore it to server back again.

  There are following steps which you need to do for backup and restore website through cpanel, 

Backup Process

1) First Login to your Cpanel account.

2) Go to the Files section.

Cpanel Login

3) Open Backup Wizard and click backup in the left side button.

4)  There are two methods of backup we suggest you go for partial backup.

5) Click on “Home Directory” open it .

Cpanel backup

6) Again click on “Home Directory” button.Home directory file would start downloading into your computer from server and save it.

7) Follow this process for rest two files named as “MySQL Database” and “Email forwarders and Filters”. 

So now you have successfully taken the backup of your website.


Restore Process

1) First Login to your Cpanel account.

2) Go to the Files section.

3) Open Backup Wizard and click Restore in the right side button.

backup your website

4) Open “Home Directory” and upload your downloaded file of Home Directory.

5) Repeat this process for “MySQL Database” and “Email Forwarders and Filters” upload their downloaded files too.

 Now you have successfully restored your site.

This was all about the backup and restore website through cpanel.

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