SIP Protocol And SIP Protocol Working

   What  Is  SIP

SIP stands for the Session Initiation Protocol. It is used in the voice over IP or VOIP Technology. SIP is basically a protocol which resides over the TCP/IP and UDP Protocols. It is text based protocol like HTTP and SMTP. 

SIP is based on the standard RFC 3261 which is number one standard using the Microsoft and CISCO.

SIP phones are connected to the VOIP servers via the switch. In this voip technology SIP phones works as a client there may be many clients connected to voip server through the switch.

SIP sends the requests to the voip server to establish a call. SIP setup phone calls only. The voip server  send the request to connect the other SIP phone then server establish a connection between them. In this process the SIP work for only to start a call only the rest work is done by the other protocol named RTP.

RTP stands for Real Time Protocol it is based on the standard RFC 1889. RTP send the packets of the voice or video from client to server and back again. The client registered the SIP Proxy can send requests.

   There  are  mainly  two  processes  are  done  by  SIP

(1)  SIP Requests

(1) Register Request

It contain the location of the IP phone and the IP address of the client or we can say a IP Phone.

(2) Invite Request

It is send to the voip server to start a call

(3) ACK Request

This is to know that call has started

(4) Cancel Request

This request is used to cancel the request which is done.

(5) Bye Request

This request is used to end the call.

(2)  SIP Response

(1) 100 Response

If the IP phone is showing the response of 100 it means that it is trying to make a call.

(2) 180 Response

If the IP phone is showing the 180 it means its ringing.

(3) 200 Response

It means that the connection has been established.

(4) 401 Response

It means you are not authorized

(5) 404 Response

It means that destination is not found.

(6) 486 Response

 Its meaning is other device is  busy.

This was all about the What is SIP or session initiation protocol.

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