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sell domain name quickly

If you are a domain name investor or a domain name broker then may be you are having some premium domain names in your portfolio. By having some great or premium domain names if you facing the problems like,

you are not getting high price value offer for your domain name ?

you tired by not getting any offer even by listing you domain name on various marketplaces ?

you are not satisfied with revenue generated from domain parking ?

you are paying renewal fee per year without getting any offer ?

then you are at right place now. Because after facing these kinds of problem now its time for you to Develop domain name in mini sites.

What  Are  Mini  Sites

Mini sites are the next step to sell domain name quickly and also to generate more revenue from your domain name.

Mini sites are that kind of sites which are product base or which define the property of the domain name. If you are having your domain name on a particular product like glasses , laptop , mobile phones , Tv , and STB etc. then definitely you should develop it in mini sites. Mini sites generate the leads for you and gets offers to purchase it. Mini sites increases the chances sell domain name quickly.

Example Of Mini Sites


Headend INFO

STBHD is promoting the product Setup Box While Headend INFO is promoting Headend devices.

How  To  Make  Mini  Sites

There are two kinds of domain names which you can use to develop your domain name

Exact Match Domain Name

Generic Term Domain Name

Above mentioned these two kinds of domain names you can use to build your mini sites. Never use brandable domain name to develop mini sites because it would not have type in traffic.

Follow the steps to make Mini site

(1) If you want to develop domain name into mini sites then these domain name  may be 2 ,3 ,4 or more. For this we recommended you to go for

Hostgator baby plan


Thus by purchasing hostgator baby plan you can develop unlimited domain names in one account and also it provides unlimited space to you. You can also go for Bluehost.

(2) After buying hostgator baby plan account then add your domain name which you want to develop into mini sites.

(3) Install one click wordpress into your account for different kind of your domain names.

(4) Select the appropriate theme that looks more professional and install anti spamming plug ins.

(5) Create a logo for your website and upload it to your mini website.

(6) Now its time to create at least 10 high quality contents about the product or about your domain name keyword.

(7) Now do the SEO for your site , index it in search engines and apply google adsense ads and also the affiliate ads on it.

(8) Add a contact us page and give your professional email id in it and publish your website.

Extra  Benefits  Of  Creating  Mini  Site

Leads Generation

The mini sites gives the leads to us because we need to put the ads product targeted. Now this mini site is all about the particular product then it will also get some organic traffic from google , Yahoo and Bing search engine etc. Thus mini site will generate the leads from affiliate links.

Domain Name strength

If you have developed your domain name and index in search engines then by doing little bit of SEO it will increase your domain authority. Also it will improve your Alexa Rank.

Domain Name Advertising

You have developed your domain name into mini site it means your site will get certain amount of organic traffic then it is the automatic advertisement of your website or domain name.

How  You  will  Get  Offers

There are lot of advertisers in the market they promote their products online and they visit daily lot of websites and send them email from their contact us page to advertise their products on your website. These advertiser also check the Alexa Rank of website before giving the advertisement. If Your Alexa Rank is below 80,000 world wide then there is chances for you to get good sponsored posting. In between if they like your website which is niche targeted then also they offer you to purchase your website.  Now you can sell your mini site to them easily. So a developed domain name having good amount of traffic , good ranking attract the domain name buyers.


Mini sites are the way to sell domain name quickly because it makes domain authority or strength of your domain name. Also it improve the Alexa Rank which attract the domain name buyers. A domain name buyer would always like to buy a domain name which is developed , ranked in google . Thus mini sites are they to attract the domain name buyers.

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