Micro Niche Website And Micro Niche Website Tricks

   What  Is  Micro  Niche  Website

Micro niche website is the website that is created to target particular niche for particular keywords to get google ranking. We can say micro niche website is created for particular niche.

Micro niche website is the good source of income through Google Adsense and Affiliate program. So micro niche website target particular niche using relevant keywords it helps to get google ranking and once if you get good google ranking then it become easy for you to get targeted traffic.

You just need to use the affiliate program’s product that matches your niche. By selecting particulate niche it makes us easy to target the people for affiliate program. If people purchase any product from the affiliate program then you gets the commission. This is good way to make money online.

   How  To  Select  Micro  Niche

You just need to go Google Keyword Planner and search for the niche. The niche should have following qualities in it

Low in competition

Searches between 5000-9000 monthly

Bid should be as high as possible

These are the following three thing which you should keep in mind to make micro niche websites.

Low competition makes the micro niche websites easy to get google ranking and  5000-9000 searches per month is enough for the micro niche website.

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   How  To  Select  Domain  Name

 The Domain Name you are going to select should contain the keywords of which you are targeting. If targeting keywords are present in your domain name then it makes easy to get google ranking.

Likewise if you are going to make Domain site then your domain name can be like,

DomainFlu .com

If you are targeting Names niche then your domain can be,

NameFlu .com

If you are targetting propose keyword then domain name can be,

OnlinePropose .com

If you are targetting Coupons keywords then domain name can be,

CouponQuotes .com

Now if your keyword is present in the domain name then it makes more targeting niche of your micro niche website.

   How  To  Make  Micro  Niche  Website

After selecting your niche from Google Keyword Planner you need to purchase the domain name for your keyword.

You can buy domain name from,


After buying the domain name you need to have the  web hosting which you can buy from 



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Now install the wordpress change the name server of the domain name from the registrar.

Now select the good theme from the wordpress which is light not any heavy looking theme. Write around the 10 to 15 articles on the your selected niche keyword base .

Add it into your Google Adsense account and apply for the affiliate program from


Commission Junction


apply the Google Adsense ads to your website and implement the relevant products ads through affiliate program on your site.

Keep in mind one thing that the affiliate ads should match your content. Now do the seo for your website and check the google ranking.

submit sitemaps and see the results of the ads. Google Adsense’s ads will be automatically relevant to your niche.

This was all about the Micro Niche Website.

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