Good Vs Crappy Domain Names

Good vs Crappy Domain names

Domain  Name  Introduction

A domain name represents the web address of any person or company or any organization. Domain names may be in .COM , .NET or .ORG. There are other more extensions used for the domain names. These are called the TLDs.

You can purchase the domain names from domain name registrar like




Domain  Name  Investors  Experience

Every domain name investor have the experience of crappy domains in his starting days. We buy lot of domains when we enter in the domain name industry. because we do not have the much experience about the industry.

In starting time we purchase the domain names that we like only we did not take any response from other. That is why every domain name investor love his own domain names which he purchased.

Thus every domain name investor have its crappy domains background.

One thing a domain name investor should not forget is that his domain name portfolio automatically improve with time.

As long as he passes his time with the domain name industry his experience automatically improves  his domain name portfolio.

One more thing that should keep in mind is that may be you have the domain name of which meaning you dont know and you seen estimated value is high. That is because may be you dont know the meaning but in other language there may be meaning.

Like Chinese person invest more in numeric domain names while others like alphabetical domain names it does not mean that numeric domain names do not have any value while its meaning is that numeric domain names have the value for Chinese.

So it is necessary in today’s domain name industry to differentiate between good and crappy domain names.

Good  Domain  Name  Properties

(1) It receive good amount of traffic from search engines at least 2500 unique visitors per month.

(2) It have the CPC or cost per click $2 per click.

(3) It can be brandabal or generic domain name.

(4) It have the good fluency to pronounce

(5) It should have short in letter

(6) It should not contains dashes in it.

(7) .COM would be preferred

(8) It have the type in traffic

(9) Easy to remember

(10) No any Trademark Infringement

(11) Should not be blacklisted

(12) Parking revenue is equal or more than $1

It is not necessary for a domain name to have all these properties in it. These are the properties which should be considered while selecting a good domain name.

So whenever we are going to buy a new domain name these above mentioned properties should be considered for a good domain name. Always try to get maximum number of these properties in a domain name to grow your business.

While selecting a domain name there are many tools available in the market to get the estimated value of a domain name like






Crappy  Domain  Name  Properties

(1) Receive no any traffic

(2) Receive no any offer to purchase

(3) very long domain name

(4) Low CPC or cost per click

(5) Have the Trademark Infringement

(6) Hard to pronounce

(7) Dont have meaning in any language

(8) Parking revenue is less than $1 per month

Again it is not necessary to have all these properties for a crappy domains but this is estimated idea to measure a domain name that it is crappy or not.


A domain name investor should keep in mind one thing that not to buy a domain name which he likes only while he should think to buy a domain name on which he or other person can build a business. In other words a domain name should be purchased which have a potential to develop and make a brand.If you received an offer on your crappy domain name, to purchase and build a business on it by others then it is indication that your domain name is not crappy because others have value for it.

 To get success in this domain name industry do more and more domain name research.

This was all about the good vs crappy domain names.

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