What Is Softphone And Softphone Uses

What Is Softphone
   SOFTPHONE  INTRODUCTION Softphone is called the Software Phone or virtual phone or IP phone or SIP Client. There are many names of softphone. Softphone are basically used in the Voip technology this voip technology is called Voice Over Internet...
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Business VOIP Service Provider

business voip service provider
   What  Is  Voip Voip is called the Voice over IP or Voice Over Internet Protocol. This voip service is best for the business companies to communicate with each other using the Voip phones in their office. Voip technology reduces...
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IPv4 Vs IPv6 Technology

IPv4 Vs IPv6 ip
   What  Is  IP  Address IP address is called the Internet Protocol Address. IP Address is used to identify and locate the computer in the network. This network can be our Local Area Network or on the internet. There are...
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What Is Domain Name System or DNS

Domain Name System DNS
   DNS  INTRODUCTION DNS is known as the Domain Name System. DNS is the internal part of the internet and DNS is responsible for the conversion of names into IPs and IPs into Names. Every website on the internet has...
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SIP Protocol And SIP Protocol Working

SIP Protocol
   What  Is  SIP SIP stands for the Session Initiation Protocol. It is used in the voice over IP or VOIP Technology. SIP is basically a protocol which resides over the TCP/IP and UDP Protocols. It is text based protocol...
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What Is Voip And Voip Working

Business VOIP
   What  is  Voip Voip stands for the Voice Over Internet Protocol. As its name explains itself that  in Voip technology we are using our voice over the internet protocol. This is the basic meaning of the Voip. In this...
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