4K Resolution Technology And 4K Resolution Content

What  Is  4K  Resolution

4K resolution is extremely high resolution or we can say next version of Full HD. 4K standard is called the Ultra High Defination UHD. Some people also call it Quad HD.

We can say it Quad HD because it is the four times resolution of the Full HD that is why it is called 4K. Where in Full HD one pixel exists there four pixel exists by 4K. That is why it is high Resoultion. 

So more pixel makes the picture more clear. 

4k resolution

Lets   Have   Brief   Look   On   Pixels

Pixel Denisity
Standard Defination SD
720H * 480V
High Defination FullHD 1K
1920H * 1080V
2048H * 1080V
Ultra High Defination 4K
3840H * 2160V


4K   Resolution   Devices

Black and white converted into color ,tubes converted into the flat panel and SD converted into Full HD and Full HD converted into 4K resolution or Ultra high defination. 

Television companies are using the 4K resolution tv we can say a new generation of the 1080p for them. Many companies are making the 4K products like 4K Playstations, 4K tvs, 4k monitors and 4K cameras.

A 4K resolution TV can handle the content delivered on 60 fps (frame per second) while Full HD tv can handle the content on 30 fps. V6 six core processor is inside the Tvs which handle the resolution by giving the best picture quality.4K TVs have facility to produce more color spectrum.

Tvs are made of super tiny dots are pixels these pixels makes the grid by combining it all together and that results the photo.

4K   Resolution   Content

4K content is very less in the market you can download 4K video from the internet. There are some compressed 4k video available on the internet but we need to select the full pixel 4k video.

You can get the 4k video on



4K   Resolution   Pros

(1) Extremely high resolution

This is most required thing to get the best picture quality or we can say pixel quality.

(2) Wide Range Of Viewing Distance

We can see tv from any angle and will get the good quality picture.

4K   Resolution   Cons

(1) Price

Obviously it is new technology so prices are high

(2) Content

It is hard to find the content easily its not available.

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