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   What  Is  QR  Code

QR Code is called the quick response code. QR Code is a special type of architecture in which information is saved that can not be read by normal human being without having QR codes deep knowledge. QR codes are type of bar codes but the QR codes can be read by the mobile devices. We need to just scan the QR code by using the qr scanner app or free qr code generator in our mobile.

QR codes are using mostly by the businessman just to make brandability of product or for the more professional look.

There is also some hybrid apps are available in the market which can scan the QR code as well as Barcode.

   QR  Code  Types

 QR codes can be used as Text written in the code

 QR Codes can be a website URL to send the visitor directly to your site.

 QR Codes For Email

 QR Codes for vCard

 QR Codes for Location

 QR Codes for Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

 QR Codes for WiFi 

   QR  Code  Usage

(1) We can print qr code on our visiting card.

(2) We can use qr code on the parcel so that person can easily understand information about the product inside the parcel.

(3) We can use qr code in the exhibition below our art to give the information to visitors.

(4) We can run our whats App in our computer using the QR Codes.

(5) We can use the qr codes in our website in contact us page.

(6) We can use QR codes Vehicle Brochure.

(7) QR Codes can be use for Online Video.

(8) QR Code for Windows Cling.

(9) QR Code for TV Commercial.

(10) QR Code for Buttons.

   Generate  QR  Code






   QR  Code  Apps

 Barcode Generator

QR & Barcode Reader

 QR Code Generator

 QR & Barcode Scanner

This was all about the QR codes and QR code generators. 

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