backup restore WEBSITE
Monthly we need to have backup of our website or backup when we update something in our website.It is important thing which every blogger should follow otherwise we can lost what we achieve through the website. There are several ways...
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Does Domain Parking Companies Really Pay?

domain parking pay
Many newbies are there they have started their own online business they have purchased a lot of domains for sell and parked their domains online on various parking companies and getting traffic also and making dollars. But the last question...
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Run Capitel Connect in Windows 8

capitel connect
  Capitel connect runs in the windows XP properly but as soon as windows 7 and then windows 8 come people got the problem how to run capitel connect in windows 8 and in windows 7.  people were confused that...
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Youtube Plus Website Boost Website Traffic

Youtube Plus Website
 This is best way to earn money online. This combination of youtube Plus website gives you money from two different paths of monetizing. This is the TRICK to earn money online very quickly because if you are making a website only...
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Windows 10 Features

windows 10 features
 There are the some new features available in the Windows 10 in comparison with the Windows 8.These Windows 10 features are really amazing as given below,     Virtual Desktop You can add Virtual desktop in windows 10.      Multiple...
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