Windows 10 Features

Windows 10

Windows 10

 There are the some new features available in the Windows 10 in comparison with the Windows 8.These Windows 10 features are really amazing as given below, 

   Virtual Desktop

You can add Virtual desktop in windows 10. 


    Multiple Task View

 This is a new button in task bar from which you can see running tasks in your windows 10.



    Start Menu Is Back

Yes start menu button is back now and having new features in it.This is mixture of win 8 start menu and win 7 start menu also you can re-size it.



    Snap Feature

You can work on multiple app in single screen.



   Cmd Shortcut Keys Applicable

Keyboard shortcut keys are now applicable in our command prompt.You can increase and decrease the transparency of our command prompt. 


This was all about the Windows 10 features. Go For Tricks

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