How To Improve Alexa Ranking Or Decrease Alexa Ranking

   what  is  Alexa

Alexa is amazon based company. Alexa provides commercial web traffic data.Basically alexa denotes the popularity of your website.So lesser the alexa greater the popularity.

The basic concept to improve alexa ranking is that you need to update your website regularly and to get more positive result from alexa you need to post 5 to 7 new articles in a day by doing this process regularly it will improve alexa ranking as well as it will increase your website’s crawl rate.

Basically advertising companies requires good alexa ranking so good alexa ranking gives the great revenue. This is helpful for both advertiser as well as for publisher also.

Also a good alexa ranking help the newbies to get the google adsense approval. One thing we should keep in mind that if you will not update your website regularly then again the alexa ranking will start increasing. To avoid this we need to update our website regularly. Try to post the article regarding the SEO,Webmaster and blogger type so that many blogger would come to your website and it wil improve alexa ranking. Also alexa ranking depends upon the type of traffic getting your website, the traffic through bloggers or one who has installed the alexa bar in his browser help us to decrease the alexa ranking. 

improve alexa ranking

   How To Improve Alexa Ranking

(1) Install the Alexa Toolbar.

(2) Insert the Alexa Widget in Your Website.

(3) Post in your website daily or frequently as possible.

(4) Write the articles on Alexa.

(5) Write the articles on SEO,Webmasters and blogging also.

(6) Try to increase the traffic of your website from sharing your content on social networking sites.

(7) Tell your friends to install the alexa toolbar and check at least once in a day the ranking of your website and you check their website ranking also.

(8) Try to share your content on blogging sites and comment also. 

So these are the main points which we should keep in mind to improve Alexa Ranking. 

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