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Youtube Plus Website This is best way to earn money online. This combination of youtube Plus website gives you money from two different paths of monetizing.

This is the TRICK to earn money online very quickly because if you are making a website only then you need to do lot of SEO techniques to generate the revenue.

But in this TRICK we are making a website and connecting its video to youtube.So that you can get tons of traffic from youtube for your site easily.

lets start step by step description of these two methods, 


First you need to make a website on your own interesting topic on which you can write more and more and more..

keep in mind one thing that lots of content makes your visitor easily so focus on the good quality content and get a best hosting plan which gives you good loading time of your website and then index in google.

then there are many sites which gives you ads to display on your site and put your ads likewise google adsense or others like 


So now you have made a website now its time to make the videos of your website in which verbally you are describing the content of your website or i can say translate a theoretical knowledge to the practical knowledge.Try to describe all the content of your website more easily by showing them practical.

So whenever you are making a video open your own site and start describing your content and put your own website LOGO into your video and also give a promotional video before staring your video and put one more promotional video after the ending of your video saying in words “Thanks For Watching” and put a logo of your website.

This will increase your brandability of your website and also it increase the quality of your video. 

Visitors likes to see videos instead of reading, so your motive should be to make a practical knowledge of your content.


Now this is the key to generate the traffic that is whenever you are making a video of your website then youtube visitor is viewing your website.

So if visitor likes your video then he will visit your site and he can directly go to the your website by clicking the link below of your website.So this thing will increase your website Traffic also it will be good quality traffic. 


So there are two methods through which you are earning now in one time,

Website and Youtube

for both of the thing you have your adsense account so visitors that viewing your ads on youtube and then going to your website and viewing the ads of your website increasing your earning in multiple way.

Actually youtube video gives tons of traffic to your website and it is easy thing to do. 

Basically this thing gives us Following benefits like,

a) Increasing Your Brandability

b) Increasing the Traffic Of  Your Website

c) Increasing the earnings 

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