Does Domain Parking Companies Really Pay?

Many newbies are there they have started their own online business they have purchased a lot of domains for sell and parked their domains online on various parking companies and getting traffic also and making dollars.

But the last question is that does domain parking really pay??

Dont worry!!! the answer is YESSSSSS.

There are many kind of parking companies they pays accordingly there terms and conditions.

If you want to get money fastly then you can go for BODIS.



Yes BODIS payment process is really very fast they pays this month’s income till the seventh of next month.The main factor to choose BODIS is that their minimum payout is 0.01$ for PAYPAL.So its really amazing for newbies that minimum payout limit is good and this company pays fastly payment to you.

The customer care response for BODIS is really very fast.

You can also sell your domains with BODIS.  


This one is also the good companies in domain parking industry. Afternic gives great parking revenue afternic pays via PAYPAL this month’s income till the 15th of the next month.Minimum payout limit for the Afternic is 25$.Customer care response is also good.

For newbies they must try these two above mentioned parking companies because site structure for these two parking companies is very good easy to understand and update the clicks daily on time.


Keep in mind one thing that you should not ever click on your own parked domain and also you should not share link of your parked domain anywhere.

This is strict rule of parking companies is that you should not click on your own ads and also you can not monetize your parked domain anywhere.

This is thing is because they want only organic traffic or direct traffic. The organic traffic means traffic from the google search or other search engines and direct means people direct put the name of parked domain in their browser and then they open it. This is known as a good quality traffic.

There are many other parking companies also available in the market you can also try them. 

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