World Domain Day 2015

world domain day 2015

World Domain Day 2015 was held in Habitate Center, New Delhi, INDIA on 10 April . It was the good experience for the Domain Name investors specially for newbies. It was held from 10 AM to 6 PM.More than 200 people attended and the event gifts were distributed the visitors.

People came to this event to know about the domain name industry and how it would be if they invest in this industry and to know more about the online business techniques.

Very less number of people are associated with this industry and this was the second time event in India.So many indian people even outside Delhi also attended the event. 

   Most  Following  Topics  Were  Discussed  In  This  Event

1) What is ICANN.

2) What is NIXI.

3) What is Domain Name.

4) Domain Name Flipping

5) Trademark infringement

6) Entrepreneurship


   Lets  Have  A  Look  On  Most  Of  Speakers


Samiran Gupta

Mr. Samiran Gupta Head Of INDIA For ICANN

The first speech given by Mr. Samiran Gupta. He told everything about the ICANN.What ICANN does and where ICANN stand in Domain Industry even it plays a important role in domain industry by managing the Letters and Numbers. 



Dr Govind

Dr. Govind CEO Of NIXI , Member ICANN-GAC

   Second Speech was given by Dr. Govind. He told what is National Internet Exchange Of India(NIXI).Where NIXI stands in domain name industry by using the power point slides.  



anurag batra

Mr. Anurag Batra Chairman and Editor-in-Chief  BW|BusinessWorld

                                                Mr. Anurag Batra he is very funny person his main focus was on the entrepreneurship. What is entrepreneurship and how many people want to be entrepreneur.How to implement our new ideas in our online business just to get the attention of people and sell the things using this technique. He given the example of ONE POUND FISH.It was perfect example to sell the things using our additional talent.



Alok Bansal

Mr. Alok Bansal CFO,

                                                     Mr. Alok Bansal told about the PolicyBazaar. It was the great speech he explained about the policybazaar. 


pavan Duggal

Mr. Pavan Duggal One Of World’s Top 10 Cyber Lawyers

                                                                    This was the Most required speech by the people, as we know he is one of the World’s Top 10 cyber Lawyers.So people were expecting to learn more and more about the trademark infringement.

Many people or visitors were confused about what is trademark infringement and how it can affect on the domain investors who has purchased the trademark domain.He started his speech very smoothly and from the beginning by giving the example of was registered by a indian person and after that it was  in the Tademark Infringement. This person explained Maruti is my god name likewise Bajarangbali or his nephew name.But overall this thing did not worked anymore.

It was so much great speech you can expect from this thing that after his speech finished lot of people were asking the questions but did not get the number.So they needed to talk to his personally.  




Mr. Jeff Behrendt CEO, InForum

         Mr. Jeff Behrendt he is CEO of Inforum, he is having a good business in .in doamains.His speech was also the good one.



Shridhar Luthria

Mr. Shridhar Luthria Director Marketing And Business Development at ResellerClub

                              Mr. Shridhar Luthria is Director Marketing And Business Development at ResellerClub.It was the last speech. He told about the Hosting and some web analytics tools by presenting the power point slides and he also distributed the gifts from the Reseller. 


It was the great experience for people that are new in this fastly growing industry.They learn many things here and make their confusion clear so that they can work more efficiently. People got educated about the domain name industry and some online business strategy.

This was all about the World Domain Day.

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