Hostgator Affiliate Earning Tricks

   Hostgator Introduction

Hostgator is largest and old web hosting provider. Large number of sites are hosted on the hostgator which are working very fine. Hostgator is well known hosting provider on the internet and many people are joining their hosting because of competitive prices.

Hostgator is also know for the cheap web hosting provider because hostgator gives discount to customer in large percentage. During the sign up hostgator also provides the one free domain to their customer to make new site.

Hostgator affiliate program is also available there through which any person who is having the website can earn big money from this hostgator affiliate program. Hostgator affilate program is very good because it provides the good amount of commission to their  publishers.

Hostgator Affiliate earning tricks

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   Hostgator Hosting Plans

(1) Hatching Plan hosting

(2) Baby plan Hosting

(3) Dedicated IP hosting

(4) Reseller Hosting


   Hostgator Affiliate Program

To earn money from hostgator affiliate program we need to follow these steps

(1) Sign up for hostgator affiliate program. Sign up the form correctly.

(2) Add your payment method to hostgator. You can go for Paypal account which provides faster money transfer.

(3) Get the banner code from the hostgator which color suits to your site and size accordingly.

(4) Insert these banner code to your site at proper place.

Now if any visitor come to your site and if he click on your hostgator affiliate banner then he will redirect to hostgator site if he made any purchase of web hosting or sign up then your would get the commission. For every referral you provide them you will earn $50 for 1 to 5 referral in a month.

Hostgator Affiliate

   Hostgator Affiliate Earning Tricks

(1) You need to put the hostgator affiliate banner to high CTR place on your site. High CTR mean is that you need to place your ads where you gets high click through rate.

(2) You need to write the articles on the hostgator so that you can get the traffic from the persons who are looking for hostgator hosting.

(3) One most important hostgator affiliate earning trick is that you can provide the wordpress installation service to your affiliates this trick will increase your income.

Because on the internet there are lot of newbies are there who want to make a site but they dont even know how to do that and after purchasing the hostgator hosting how they will install the wordpress . So if you would provide this service them it would make easy for them to go with hostgator and make a site.

Becasue hostgator is also providing the free domain name to them so it makes easy for them.

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    Good post I think that host gator is really great way to earn money and the best way is to write review post to promote them.

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