How To Fast Index In Google

   What  Is  Fast  Index

In today’s life everybody wants to be fast in his life. Same thing happens in internet industry.  Fast index is also called the fast URL Submission.

Normally we write the post on the website and waits for google to crawl and index this post or Whenever you write a post or a new article then obviously you want to index it by google as fast as possible.

So there is trick through which we can fast index our URL or post which we written new on our site.

   How  To  Fast  Index  URL

If you are having a website then obviously you have your google webmaster account. So to do fast indexing follow the steps

(1) Login to Your Webmaster account.

(2) Select your site name

(3) Expand the crawl in the left hand side menu

(4) Open the Fetch as Google Option

Fetch As Google or fast index

(5) You need put the URL of your new post.

(6) Now click Fetch

(7) Now you URL will be shown down in the list

(8) Click “Submit To Index”

(9) A new window will open which will ask for the submit URL only or its linked pages submit to index

(10) Click the URL submit to index.

It will take some seconds of time then it will fast index your URL. Now go to google and search for your new post that is fast index by you.

As you can see there was the second option also present asking you about submit URL and its linked pages. This will re index your whole site.

   Chances for “URL Submit to Index” Monthly are  500
Chases for “URL and  Linked pages submit to index” monthly are  10


   Benefits  Of  Fast  Index

(1) Less time consuming

(2) Fast Update good for news related sites

(3) Your article or post is more secure

(4) If your site is updating fastly in a day give good ranking in google

(5) Fast index increase the earning chances

There are lot of benefits for faster indexing your website because it increase the chances of more earning online. Its fast indexing give you regular update of news online which is very important in today’s life. Fast index save our work time.

Things to keep in mind are that you have limited quota monthly for indexing so do it in proper manner.


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