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Now a days everyone want to earn money online because its easy and less time consuming.We are going to discuss here a technique to earn money online with low investment, less time consuming and high earning in short period of time.

So this is Domain buy and sell.This is the very good technique to earn money easily without doing too much effort.

All we need to do is that we have to purchase a domain on the internet and then sell it on the internet via auctions and premium listing.

   A  good  domain  name  should  have  following  qualities  in  it

a) Short in letters

b) Nice in sound

c) Unique

d) Meaningful 

   There  are  three  ways  to  select  a  domain  name

1) Traffic

2) Brandability

3) Market Value 

(1) Traffic

First is traffic on name this is the very important thing that before buying a domain name we need to see the traffic on that domain name.To check the traffic on your domain name put your keywords in the google adword tool or key planner.

Google Keyword Planner

now sign in your google account then select “search for new keyword and ad group ideas”.Now put your new domain name(which you want to buy) and press below “get ideas” for your keyword.It shows the traffic on your domain name or keywords so select that keyword which is having high traffic on your domain name.Try to put new words and then select the one which is showing high traffic.

(2) Brandability

New Brand means the domain name you are selecting which sounds like that it can be a new brand name in future.So that in future a new established company can purchase from you.

also it should be short,simple and good to pronounce.

All these thing depends upon your imagination that how far you can imagine rather than a ordinary person. 

(3) Market  Value

It means before buying a domain name you can check its value online.There are mainly following sites which provides the value of the domain names,



So it makes you easy to purchase a new domain name. 


You can check Trademarks here,



These are the things which we need to keep in mind before buying a domain name.  

   Now  After  Selecting  Your  Domain  Name  You  Can  Purchase  Your  Domain  Name  From




There are many other Registrar also which provide domain names. 

   After  purchasing  a  domain  name  there  are  mainly  3  ways  to  sell  it  from  Godaddy

1) Auctions

2) Premium Listing

3) Cash Parking 

So these are the three ways from which you can sell your domain name, 

(1) Auctions

This is bidding option.You can bid on your domain name.

(2) Premium Listing

Its free put your domain name in your premium listing for sale.

(3) Cash Parking

Cash park your domain so that it can whenever anyone type your domain name then it shows it is for sell also you can earn money from cash parking your domain by paying a little monthly amount to Godaddy then Godaddy shows his own ads on your website and you gets the money.


This was all about the Buy And Sell Domains from start to end.Go For Tricks

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    Ujjwal Swami is founder of Go For Tricks and a Entrepreneur. He is Domain Name Investor and working for Domain Name Industry. His motive is to educate the people about domain name industry which is growing and to motivate domain name investors to build their business online.

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