Domain Name Leasing Process For Domain Name Investors

domain name leasing process

If you are a Domain Name Investor then many be there are lot of domain names you are having in which some  premium domain names are also available, on which you are not planning to build your business. So you have parked the premium domain names or hosted for inquiry form. So that you can get the offer to purchase your domain name. Before discussing on domain names lets have a look on premium domain names.

Premium  Domain  Name  Properties


A premium domain name is good to pronounce and short in letters which automatically its brandability.

Keyword Containing

A premium domain is the domain name which contains the keyword in it. This keyword is highly searchable. So this keyword make it brandable. SEO point of view there is benefit if you are have your keyword in your domain name. Which helps you to get good amount of traffic.

Type In Traffic

A premium domain name have its type in traffic from which we get huge amount of organic traffic. So amount of traffic also helps to grow up your business.

You can lease these premium domain names via domain name leasing process. There are many marketplace available which helps you to lease your premium domain names.

Domain  Name  Leasing  Process

There are two terms which comes to know in domain name leasing process

(1) Lessor – A Domain Name Owner

(2) Lessee – A Domain Name User

Thus lessor is called the domain name owner while lessee is called the one who is going to do Domain Name Development or going to  make a website on it. Domain Name Leasing is legal contract between lessor and lessee.

When a domain name owner want more money and do not want to develop his domain name then he lease his domain name because domain name leasing provide him high price monthly. Both party contact to Domain Name Leasing service provider or domain name leasing websites.

In domain name leasing process lessor lease his domain name to lessee for 1 , 3 or 10 years. This is according to their contract signed between them. For this lessee need to pay lessor a monthly payment according to their contract. If lessee stopped the payment then domain name owner have rights to get back his domain name from lessee.

Domain  Name  Leaseing  Example

Let us assume

Shiny is domain name owner or lessor and cristina is lessee. Shiny is earning $100 per month from parking his domain name and estimated value of is $100,000.

(1) Shiny has a domain name and Cristina wants to launch a website about domain name industry.

(2) Then she will contact to shiny for leasing the .

(3) Now if shiny is not satisfied revenue generated from Domain Name Parking of also he is not going to do develop his domain name then he can lease his domain name to cristina.

(4) Both of the party would contact to  domain name leasing service provider for leasing shiny’s domain name.

(5) Shiny will decide his monthly revenue from cristina suppose $400 per month.

(6) Now both parties would agree the time duration for 5 years.

Now cristina needs to pay to shiny $400 per month for 5 years and after that they can renew it. Thus cristina is using domain name and launching the website. In some cases owner needs down payment for that while in some are not. This whole thing depends upon the agreement.

In this duration if cristina is getting profit in his business then she can buy the domain name for $100,000.

Domain Name Leasing Period  –  5 Years

Domain Name Down Payment  –  $0.00

Lessee Payment Per Month      –  $400

Domain Name Pricing              –   $100,000

We need to pay small amount of money to domain name leasing service provider for this agreement.

Lessor  Benefits

Domain Development

Lessor’s benefits is that his domain name is developing , getting more backlinks on different sites. His domain authority is increasing. His domain name is going is to be popular in domain name industry and obviously his Alexa Rank is increasing

Domain Revenue

Domain owner  or lessor was getting $100 per month from domain parking while after leasing his domain name he is getting $400 per month for his domain name without any effort.

Domain Appraisal

lessors domain appraisal is automatically increasing his domain name is developed now. A Domain Name Development gives more strength to your domain name which makes more money for you.

Leesee  Benefits

Premium Domain Name

Lessee have got the premium domain name on lease which helps to build his business and can get the full benefit from this domain name.

Money Saving

Lessee have started his business in less amount. lessee can now run his business and can purchase this domain name by earning more from this domain name so lessee have a chance to purchase this domain name.

Domain  Name  Leasing  Service  Providers


Nokta Domains


Go For The

This was all about the Domain Name Leasing.

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