How To Promote Your Website To Get More Traffic

When you have made your website complete now this is the time to promote your website. Because without promoting your website it is hard to get good website ranking. Without any ranking in the search engine you can’t get good amount of traffic. If you are not getting good amount of traffic then there is no mean to have a website because your website promote your business or we can say it promote your business online.

Now the question arises that how to promote your website? There are several ways to promote your website.

   Ways  to  promote  your  website  or  online  business

(1) Keyword Research

(2) Video Marketing

(3) Social Marketing

(4) Social Bookmarking

(5) Email Marketing

(6) Domain Authority

(7) Link Building

(8) Regular Update

   Keyword  Research

Keyword Research is extremely important factor to promote your website. Whenever you are going to post a new article in you website then first you need to go for the Google keyword Planner Tool. This is free tool given by the google to research on the keywords which people are typing.

You need to first open the keyword research tool and search for the good keyword available with low competition,high bid and good traffic.

A good keyword is known as the high traffic with low competition and with good bid. So search for the good keyword for your new post title and then select your title according to google keyword research tool.

After selecting the title you need to you need to download some good keywords of your niche to use in your article frequently so that it increases the chances of google spider to select your article for search engine ranking.

if you have already written your post or article then make it according to good keywords to get good ranking in the search engine.

   Video  Marketing

When you have completed your post or article then publish it and now its time to marketing. First make a video of your content and upload it in the youtube if you dont have youtube account then signup and make your channel named as your website name and upload your article video in HD.

In your youtube video dont forget to add promo of your website with website logo. It will increase the brandability of your website.

Dont forget to give your website link in the description of your youtube video. So that user would redirected to your website and you will get traffic from the youtube.

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   Social  Marketing

This is the essential part of the website markting we cant ignore it. social markting website gets good amount of traffic and dont forget to share your post and video too on the social marketing websites.




   Social  Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is very helpful to promote your website. You need to submit a link of your post and the youtube video of your post to these social bookmarking sites. Some of these sites are,




   Email  Marketing

For email marketing we need to have maximum number of subscriber of our website so that whenever you are updating your website then users are getting the mail automatically about you uploaded a new post on your website.

These subscribers can be increased by sharing your content on the social networking site so that you would get more subscribers.

Email marketing increases the number of returning visitors of your website so that people like your content and comment on your website.

   Domain  Authority

Domain authority is also a very important factor after making a website we need to increase the domain authority of the website so that google rank your site.

To increase the domain authority we need to build good quality of links. These links are two type No Follow and Do Follow. We need to increase the number of Do Follow links from high authority site so that google will consider our site as a good authority website.

   Link  Building

Link building is must to promote your website because your are having a good website but you didnt promote it on other websites then its useless.

Link Building are two types,

a) Do Follow

b) No Follow

Do Follow link building is good one we need to increase the links of our website from other high authority websites. It helps us to get some juice from the other sites.

No Follow links are not bad we need to also have some amount of no follow links means it should be natural links.

Any artificial link weather it is No Follow or Do Follow are harmful to your website because google’s algorithm read it and panelist your website.

   Regular  Update

It is the master key to improve your website ranking. You need to update your website regular so that you can get good ranking in the search engine. If you are updating your website regularly then it will crawl many times.

If  ranking of your website is good then it will come up in the search engine. 

There are many methods through which you can get the ranking of your website like,


It is amazon based company it gives your daily ranking of your website in the international level as well as your local country level.

So lesser the alexa ranking better the website. A good benefit to decrease the alexa ranking is that advertising companies provides good revenue on it.

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Thus these are mainly point discussed to promote your website.

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