Smartphone Logs Shows Brain Decisions!!!

As you can see lot of people are using smartphones in daily life even it have became a essential element of our body. Even study says that when a person goes outside the home without having the cell phone then he feels that he has left some essential thing at his home without this thing he can’t go outside his home.

As you can see mobile phones has became a essential part of our body. Then man didn’t feel confidence in him without his mobile.

Science progress and simple mobile phone converted into the smartphone. This new technology is viral to everyone because this technology made the man more reliable for his work. By giving too much functions in the smartphone it is very important to have a smartphone even now a days this technology has became so essential that man is half without the smartphone.

Everyone knows that if there are some advantage of science but also there are some disadvantage of science which we cant neglet.

People has become use to smartphone now a days that can’t do his time pass without the smartphone. Internet makes the smartphone complete and as you know internet has unlimited boundation so smartphone never ends.

Our brain also get start to depend on the smartphone. He has become use to smartphone in each and every field even we started to forget the things because we know that if we forget something then our smartphone remember it so every time when we forget the date or day then we instantly see it in our smartphone. Now our brain has understood that he not need to remember it every time when he forget something then just see in the smartphone thats it.

   Smartphone Has Some Positive Effects On Our Brain And Some Are Negative

We use the smartphone using our Thumb mostly and sometimes with our fingers.So our fingers directly sends the instruction to our brain.So as your fingers are moving on your smartphone your brain is taking decisions quickly and working for long time because we spend lot of time with our smartphone.

In a study it is said that working with smartphone too much affects the cortex and even you can tally your brain decisions with the smartphone Logs.

So it has became a need for human being which affects the human brain specially the cortex.Long time use of smartphone can increase or decrease the size of our cortex.

Last but not the least it increases the brain’s decision making power and also it increases the Thumb’s sensitivity.¬†Go For Tricks

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