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Now a days every person wants to boost  brain power because brain is a power of every person. A powerful brain can do anything he want so this need of every person boost brain power.

Some person go for yoga to make healthy the brain while some of them do the exercises. So there are many kinds of methods through which you can boost brain power.

Simply boosting means that we awake the neurons of our brain so that they can work very well. We never use full power of our brain we use very less percentage of our brain. Basically boosting the brain means to active your neurons as you already know there are millions of neurons in our brain they are connected to each other but all of they are not working.

If our brain’s all the neurons are not working then its our fault not of our brain because we are not using our brain power. We need to make active our neurons as much possible. In our daily life routine we did not use too much our brain.

To boost the brain we need to do some exercises just to awake our inactive neurons so that our brain can work more efficiently. These exercises strike our brain’s neurons so that our brain can work more efficiently.

As you can see there is a image read these words many times in a day for to boost your brain power.Now why it happens so? 

brain 1

well whenever we reads these words then you can see GREEN is written in BLUE color and BLUE is written in YELLOW color.So when our mind reads GREEN then it strike our Neurons that GREEN is written in BLUE color then it strike our Neurons of Brain.So when it happens many times then our Brain have to work more and more.So more and more strike gives better efficiency to our Brain.So read this daily to improve your Brain Power. Go For Tricks

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