What Are TLDs gTLDs ccTLD SLD And IDNs

When we come into domain name industry then often we listen the terms TLDs, gTLDs, ccTLDs, SLDs and IDNs. These are basic terms we use in the domain name industry. A domain name length can 253 ASCII. Terms  Stand  For...
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Make Money From Domain Name Affiliate

Make Money from domain name Affiliate
General  Ways  To  Make  Money  From  Domain  Name Domain Developing Domain Parking Domain Selling Domain Leasing As we generally knows these four ways to make money from domain name. But there are huge number of people who are making lot...
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How To Increase Domain Parking Revenue

increase domain parking revenue
Domain  Parking  Introduction Domain parking is the technique to generate revenue from your unused domains. There are various domain parking companies which provide us domain parking facility. If you would list your domain names with domain parking companies then whenever...
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Good Vs Crappy Domain Names

Domain  Name  Introduction A domain name represents the web address of any person or company or any organization. Domain names may be in .COM , .NET or .ORG. There are other more extensions used for the domain names. These are...
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Should We Park Or Develop Domain Name

park or develop domain name
This is the most common asked in the domain name industry. Many domain name investors want to know we should park or develop the domain names. Obviously it will take time and money to develop a domain name but still...
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