What Is Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate marketing Tricks

   What  Is  Affiliate  Marketing

Affiliate marketing is powerful way to make money online. In affiliate marketing we promote other’s product in which we work as a publisher. In affiliate marketing we are marketing a product for which we gets the commission.

When a visitor come to our site where we have already implemented our affiliate link , then if visitor click on the affiliate link and then he purchase the product then then publisher gets the commission.

There are different kind of commission for different kind of products in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is booming sector for make money online.

   How  Affiliate  Marketing  Works

We need to have a website and sign up for affiliate marketing for different kinds of companies which provides affiliate associates.

Like Amazon which gives us affiliate link for promoting there products online.

After signup process the these companies provides us affiliate link. We can use this affiliate link or we can get the advertisements banners from these affiliates companies then we need to implement these banners to our website.

After implementing these banners on our site then if any visitor come to our site and if he purchased any product through our affiliate link then we gets the commission from these companies for selling there products online.

Affiliate marketing works for the specific targeted traffic. If your website’s content is related to your affiliate banner then it makes great chances to click through visitors.

There is fix days for the validity of click time means if the visitor clicked on your affiliate ad and if he purchased the product within the click validity then publisher gets the commission for it. Click validity is provided by these affiliate companies which is generally called the EPC.

EPC is called the earning per click EPC time many be one day , one week or three months. Many advertisers provides the EPC of 3 months means if your visitor purchased the product within the three month then publisher gets the commission for affiliate marketing product.

This is how affiliate marketing works.

   Affiliate  Leads  Generation

Through affiliate marketing publisher are giving sales to companies for which publishers are having commission. But with this commission if the visitor didnt purchased the product buy he sign up and esquire for the product via email or calling then also publisher gets the commission for it because publisher is giving leads generation to affiliate marketing companies.

Through this process of sign up or calling to esquire the product means that publisher’s visitor is showing the interest to purchase the product. So for this every sign up process the publisher gets the commission.

   Affiliate  Marketing  Companies



Commission Junction



Affiliate Announcement


Mercury Media

Experience Advertizing

Affiliate Crew


Most people use the Commission Junction for affiliate marketing. In commission junction many advertisers are available at one place. The publisher just need to sigh up for the account in the commission junction then publisher needs to select the first advertiser first then publisher need to select the  products for affiliate marketing.

Commission Junction

So Commission Junction is working as a hub of affiliate marketing where many advertisers are simultaneously available so that publisher have choices to select the advertiser as well as products too for affiliate marketing.

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