Increase Youtube Ranking Tricks

There are many youtubers they have uploaded the video but the video is not coming in the youtube search results on first page.But they forget to do proper SEO for their youtube video.

We should upload good quality video HD with our voice also and video should not be short like 1 minute.It should be average long so people have interest in your video.

One more important thing is that our viewer should not leave any video of youtube before the 30 seconds so to avoid this problem use the promo of your youtube channel which can engage your viewer for sometime.

   Youtube Ranking System Mainly Depends on

increase youtube video ranking

1) Watching duration of viewer

2) Subscribes

3) Share

4) Likes


   Tricks To Improve Youtube Ranking

(1) Use Youtube Keyword Tool for your Title Name and Title Tag of your video.

(2) The Title Tag should not be like this in individual words “What” “is” “domain” “parking” it should be in single word like “What is domain parking”.

(3) The Title Name should also be available in the Description as well as in the Title Tag.

(4) The file name of your Youtube video which you are uploading should be the same as the Title Name of your video after uploading.

(5) The description should be in between 200-400 words.So that search engine can more understand that what the video is about.

 (6) Dont put too much Title Tag in your video because youtube gets confused that what the video is all about.

(7) After uploading the video share it on social marketing sites and social bookmarking sites.

(8) Do not make short video like 1 minute try to make average time video 5-8 minutes.It helps to improve ranking.

(9) Dont forget to share your video on Google+ specially. 

(10) Use custom thumbnail Image option in youtube upload your attractive photo regarding your youtube video.

(11) Use playlist option of youtube video for same category type of videos.

(12) Use promo of your youtube channel in every video.


Keep following these tips and tricks to rank your youtube video.Go For Tricks

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