Remove Your Website From Facebook Spam List

   What  Is  Facebook  Spam  List

Facebook spam list is very good for preventing the facebook users from any inappropiate activity. This is the very good thing provided by the facebook.

Facebook has became a very popular social media now a days everyone wants to share his things on facebook. This is the very good thing that facebook have provided us.

So if you are a newbie and have done any inappropriate activity on facebook then facebook will spam you or normal users of facebook can spam you. So be aware of that do not do any bad activity on facebook because it can be harmful for you.

   Facebook  Spam  List  Effects

There are lot of website owners , somehow their websites gets spammy in the facebook now if they post any new thing on the website and want to share it on the facebook then they need to fill the captcha every time and also when someone click on his link then again he or she need to press “Follow Link” button otherwise he can go back to his facebook account.

Because facebook tells that something is wrong with this link you can go back or follow link.

This is the major problem with the website owners.

Facebook spam remove

As you can see above in the picture you gets this type of problem if you do any wrong activity by using your URL. Mostly people avoid this and get back to their facebook account because anyone do not want to go there.

We suggest you do not do any wrong activity on facebook otherwise you can get this type of problem.

   How  To  Spam  out  Your  Website

There is good way to remove your website from facebook spam list or to make your URL non-spammy.

You can go to help section of the facebook and send a message to them requesting them to remove your URL from facebook spam list.

Then wait for the couple of days and check your URL again. The problem will be solved.

If some how your problem is not solved then you can mail us by having the mail ID from Contact Us page. We will review your problem and suggest you what to do because many people have solved this.

   How  To  Be  Safe

If you have made a new website and sharing lot of post of your website on the facebook then it can be harmful for your website because to be safe donot do any bad activity on facebook.

Do not do any shortcut to share your post on facebook do it in right way only this will give you best results longtime.

If you want to monetize your posts on facebook then there is a monetization option provided by the facebook to monetize your post use this because this will give you good result without harming your website.

Never add unknown persons.

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