Invest In Numeric Domain Names Or Chinese Culture Domains

   Numeric  Domains  Introduction

Chinese Numeric Domain Names

As everybody knows that Domain Names are generally alphabetical. But there are lot of people they do not know about the numeric domain names.

Yes numeric domain names are also registered and it is very booming sector. So instead of having alphabets in domain names we can also have the numeric domain names.

There are more than 75% of domain name investors from china. Rest domain name investor are from other countries like UK and US.

   Numeric  Domain  Names  Examples


   Why  Chinese  Prefer  Numeric  Domain  Names

Chinese prefer numeric domain name because these are easy to type and also for them numeric domain names are easy to remember. They didnt have to pronounce long like alphabetical domain names.

If they want to open the site then they mostly use the function of screen touch on mobile phones and on desktop computers also.

numeric domain names chinese

   Numeric  Domain  Name  Market  In  China

As we all know China’s population is 1.357 Billion. Which is very large population internationally. As formula says larger population makes business better or in other words high consumption needs high number of products.

So china’s population is very much then obviously demand is very much there due to consumption.

Numeric domain name industry is growing rapidly accordingly past years. So there are lot of opportunities to invest in the numeric domain names now.

As numeric domain name are consuming more in china then also before investing in the numeric domain name a investor needs to understand the Numbers meaning for Chinese people.

   Good  Numbers  In  China


Zero is even number for Chinese in terms of money.


Two is one of the good numbers for Chinese people because they believe that this is sign of happiness and happiness comes in pairs that is why this is two. This number gives lot of happiness to Chinese people.


Three number is one of the luck number for the Chinese people because they believe that a person has three stages in his life these are Birth,Marriage and Death.


Chinese relate this number 5 to five things these are Water,Fire,Metal,Wood and Earth. So this is good number and they relate it to Emepror of china.


Number six is very good number to build the business.


This is very good number in Chinese in terms of relations. If you add number 3 with it then it makes your growth rapidly also you can grow from every situation.

But if you add 5 with it like 457 then this combination of number would be very bad for you.


It is very good number for the Chinese people in terms of prosperity. Use couple of 8 which makes you rich. This is the key to success.


This number is related to emperor of china. Number nine is mostly used in weddings. The number 89 have the enough luck while the number 39 denotes the enough growth of you.

   Bad  Numbers  In  China


This is very bad number in Chinese they relate this number to death. Also they did not use this number in the lift they escape it have directly the number 5.


This indicates the negativity. If this number is used with the negative term then it shows positive effects like 54. 54 meaning is that there is no death.


This is unlucky number in terms of Chinese people.

   Tips  For  Numeric  Domain  Name  Investors

(1) Do Not Use Number 0 in the beginning of the domain name because it indicate to go down the business so use it in the last of domain names it gives you growth in your business.

(2) Use Multiple times 8 in your domain name or couple of 8 in your domain name it gives properity.

(3) Try to use combination of 8 and 0 (zero) like 8800 or 888800 and 88880000 It is very good combination for domain name in terms of Chinese people believe.

(4) Avoid the number 4 in your domain name do not use it otherwise your domain name can be wroth. also avoid the number 5 and 9.

(5) If you are doing business with your domain name then use 6  in your domain name which gives you growth in your business because number 6 is very good for success in business. But do not use couple of 6 which can negative.

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