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domain name faq

There are lot of newbies in domain name industry they asked to us many questions about domain name industry. They have lots of confusion about domain name industry this domain name FAQ is for newbies to resolve such kind of issues in domain name industry.

   What  Is  Domain  Name  And  URL  Difference  Between  Them ?

A domain name is basically a IP address. Human being can not remember too much IP address because its numeric then domain name were generated so that many people can remember it easily. In other words domain name is also known as your electronic identity online. We can say your electronic address. Example Of domain name is

URL is known as the Uniform Resource Locator. When a protocol is also inserted into the domain name then it becomes the URL

domain name and url basic - protocol name and resource name

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   What  Is  Domain  Name  Registrar ?

Domain Name registrar are the registrar which provide us domain name or make it easy for us to registrar a domain name. These domain name registrar are connected to the registry and registry is connected to the ICANN( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). There are different price rates for different kinds of domain name registrar. Some of registrar are

Name Cheap

1 & 1


   How  Can  I  Buy  Domain  Name ?

If you want to buy a domain name then you need to sign up for domain name registrar. Suppose you want to buy domain name from Name Cheap which is known for its cheap domain name with good facility. So first sign Up for name cheap keep in mind fill your actual contact information like mobile number and email address etc. Because these are the important things for your domain name verification process.

Now type the domain name in search box and then see its available or not if it is available then make the payment and get it for your business or personal use.

   How  Can  I  Resell  My  Domain  Name ?

There are various marketplace where you need to list your domain name. You need to set the price value for which you want to sell your domain names. If anyone would be interested in buying your domain name then he will make you offer and you need to wait for good offer and then accept your offer and then transfer your domain name and you will be paid buy buyer through these marketplaces. Domain Name Marketplaces are






   Can I  Register  Numeric  Domain  Names ?

Yes, you can register numeric domain names also. You can register alphanumeric domain name and full numeric domain name also. Chinese are interested in buying a numeric domain names. They believe in numbers too much some are lucky for them while some are not. They avoid 4 and accept the number 8. There can be dash between the domain name while space between the domain name is not allowed.

   How  Can  I  Buy  Expired  Domain  Name ?

You can buy expired domain names because daily around 55,000 domain names are expired. There are lot of crappy domains in it while some are good one , you need to select the good domain names. There are many domain name appraisal tools where you can appraise your domain name before buying it. The site where you can see daily expired domain names list

Expired Domains

   How  To  Transfer  A  Domain  Name ?

If you want to transfer a domain name from one godaddy account to another godaddy account then see

Transfer  A  Domain  Name  From  One  Godaddy  Account  To  Another  Godaddy  Account

If you are transferring the domain name to another registrar then you need to first unlock your domain name. Then other registrant will find your domain name in his own registrar then you need to provide him authorization key to accept the domain name transfer. Then he will put the authorization key and he will accept it buy paying some small amount of transfer fee. This transfer fee can be paid by any party according to terms and conditions.

   How  To  Check  Appraisal  Value  Of  My  Domain  Name ?

Before buying or selling a domain name there is necessary to check the value of the domain name. It makes you safe and gets you lot of profit by checking the value of domain name. There are lot of domain name appraisal tools from where you can find appraisal value of your domain name like,



Domain Index


These are the tools used for to get appraised value of a domain name. These are the estimated ideas for a domain name. So before buying and selling check once the value of domain names.

   What  Is  Domain  Privacy  Should  I  Use  Domain  Privacy ?

If you are going to build a large scale business on your domain name and want to give advance protection to your domain name by not showing your name into public then you can use it. But if you are making a website for your fun no any serious kind of business on your domain name then this is not required that much.

   How  Can  I  Check  Who  Owns  Domain  Name ?

There is a site where you can check who owns this particular domain name. In this site you need to type the domain name which you want to lookup and then press enter. It will show you various information about the domain name like domain name registrar, Domain Name Registrant Name, Registrant address , registrant phone number, Creation of domain name and expiration of domain name.

Who Is

So this is the site where you can find all the information about the registrant of domain name. you can also get email id of the domain name registrant if you wish to purchase the domain name then you can send them mail by giving them offer to purchase a domain name.

This site will not show you information for all kinds of domain names because some domain name have their privacy protection.

   Can  I  Purchase  A  Trademark  Domain  Name ?

NO, you should not purchase a trademark domain name because it can be harmful for you if you build your business on it. Even a trademark related name you should not purchase. Also you can not park a trademark domain name because you are earning money from it by using others name. If you are going to purchase a domain name then find it on following sites that it is already a trademark or not,



   What  Is  Domain  Parking ?

If you are having lot of domain name and you do not know what to do with them because you are not planning to develop domain names then one thing which you can do is domain parking. Domain Parking is the process through which you can generate revenue by parking your undeveloped domain names. There are lot of parking companies which provide the facility of domain parking like







If any visitor come to your parked page and if he or she click on the ads of your parked page then you will get revenue for that.

   How  Can  Park  Domain  Name ?

You need to first sign up for domain parking company as listed above and then list your domain names in your account which you want to park. Then you need to login to your domain name registrar account change these Domain Name Server to the Domain Name Server which are provided by the domain parking companies. Select the proper keyword and layout for your parked domain name.

   Can  I  Monetize  My  Parked  Domain  Names ?

No you can not monetize your parked domain name because this is against the terms and conditions of domain parking companies. You can not monetize your parked pages in any way. If you do so then there is chances to suspend your parking account because of low quality of traffic. A parked domain name can get the traffic from already build backlinks and also from search engines like google ,yahoo and bing. The traffic from search engine is known as organic traffic which good for parked pages to generate revenue from it.

   How  Can  I  Increase  My  Parking  Revenue ?

There are many functions provided by these parking companies they provide you layout for a parked domain. They provide you feature to mention you keywords related to your domain name. After typing these keywords there are maximum chances for a parked domain name gets traffic.

So enter proper keyword and title of your domain name and to attract the visitor select proper layout of your parked page. Check it regularly and see which domain is performing better and then type new keywords examine better results.

   Should  I  Park  Or  Develop  My  Domain  Name ?

This is the very important question which newbie want to know because they are still confused that they should park or develop their domain name to get maximum revenue from it.

The answer is very simple see the parking result of the domain name from last couple of months. If it is not getting any traffic then there is no any mean to park it because it is not generating any revenue. If you want to generate traffic from it then develop domain name. If you will develop your domain name then there is maximum chance for this domain name to generate the revenue in comparison to park it. Because domain name developing give strength to domain name and gives organic traffic to it.

If you are getting traffic to parked domain name and you are satisfied with its income and also you do not have time and money to develop it then you should be it with parked.

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   How  To  Check  My  Domain  Name  Is  Blacklisted  Or  Not ?

Before buying a domain name it is important for us to check it is blacklisted or not. There is tool where you can check your domain name is blacklisted or not. This tool is


You need to enter the domain name and check its listing. It will show you list where your domain name is blacklisted you can also remove it from there,

   Know  More  About   How  To  Check  Blacklisted  Domains ?

This was all about the Domain Name FAQ Or Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have any other questions then comment below.

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